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Stories, falling asleep, miso soup, Leap Year Day issues! / Weird Owl Yankovic!

February 18, 2020

Leap Year Day issues! February 29! After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 3:05 on a 407 to help with the kids… of course I just missed a 401! I still got to the station in enough time to kill time at both T and T (premium Shin Ramyun Black noodles, Palmolive Oxy Power Degreaser […]

Marqus, Wan Choo, Shay Kitoff, Shufa Lin, Nan Wun Wun, Chris Cross, Tim Berr

October 30, 2016

I just got a blue screen of death! Thankfully, I’d finished playing my game for the night, and had finished my WordPress drafts for the night as well. From Julie: Marqus is NOT Marcus or Markus! You missed MARQUIS by one letter, and your son isn’t royalty, except maybe in your own heads! From Andrew […]

Pregnant women / Dr. Faris P. Atchoo / McCracken Chiropractic Clinic / Vowels

May 8, 2016

FINAL FANTASY II in 3:13:41 by Deln FINAL FANTASY IV in 2:11:22 by Neerrm FINAL FANTASY VI in 3:52:15 by Bichphuongballz No wonder these DENNIS coffee cups were only $1 at London Drugs yesterday! THEY BREAK WAY TOO EASILY! UGH! I finished putting the WordPress tags in my draft entry into alphabetical order just now, […]

Wesley, dreidels, and Karen (dream) / No problem here with the crumbling cliffs?

December 22, 2015

I had a dream where I saw Karen Choo (whom I haven’t talked to in ten years) at a bus stop, ate a few fried dreidels, and met Wesley V. at a dentist appointment in a medical building which took insurance. What the?! Then I checked my mail to find that I had stuff from […]

Breakfasts, strawberry cheesecake, Rich talk, baby Sebastian, and 3-2 win!

March 24, 2013

When Eric picked me up this morning, we talked about my being “drunk” – NO WAY! Thank goodness I’m not in a ranty mood these days, so we can have / enjoy morning quiet. He told me that he ate a granola bar and brought a banana to church; sounds like my own breakfast! Talked […]

Eddie and Eunice’s wedding

July 8, 2012

Saw Grandma briefly before going over to Jon and Harmony’s, where we saw Holly preparing to take care of baby Ayler for the afternoon and evening. He was a bit fussy, but that’s to be expected. Baby seemed to like looking at my blue-and-green wedding wear, though! He was staring at it, haha. The wedding […]

Sausages and banana = phallic breakfast / Harmony and Jane’s baby shower / Italian food

March 25, 2012

I had sausages and a banana for breakfast. Yes, yes, I know…. phallic symbols out the wazoo on a “religious” Sunday morning. 😛 Since Nada Surf’s POPULAR was on the radio when Eric called, I gave him the greeting “Wash your hair every two weeks, got it?” (which could have backfired if Veronica was on […]

Grandma NO FILTER / Dawn and Eni’s wedding

March 25, 2012

Managed to renew most of my library books before going out to Dawn and Eni’s wedding and banquet. Somehow, I needed to survive the afternoon and evening with my parents, and also needed to survive tomorrow! The thought of next Saturday kept me going! Mom told me that she had Princess Cruises chocolates for me, […]

Keg gift cards, disinclination to go out in cold weather, healing, and more

November 21, 2011

Tonight’s dinner menu: Pumpkin Fritters Winter Salad of some sort Carbonades Flamandes (aka beef stew cooked in Belgian beer) Mushroom Risotto Pumpkin Pie Chinese Eric picked me up, and we were off to Jeremy’s. We talked about SERVANTS, TV, eating a limited amount of beef, the Advent calendar, the hockey game, not being inclined to […]

"Officially old" at 35 / FOUNDATION / Taking another male in on my birthday

September 17, 2011

Birthday wishes: Chris W., Billie, Ellen W., Laura, Ryan, Itamar, Jason H., Kaitlin, Sarah G., Susan, Baby’s Named A Bad Bad Thing, Unaboard, Crime Library, Sara H., Andrew M., Corey, Hilary, and Connie. Decided to wish Karen Choo a happy birthday via email, heh. Jon emailed us an update on Paul, and thinks we can […]