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February 28, 2010

Eric picked me up at about 8:50 this morning, and said that he wanted me to feel comfortable and NOT run into certain people, since he was leaving pretty much right after service. I told him not to worry, since I planned to go do whatever Jon was doing later for the hockey game. He […]

Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie icon! / Handwriting the Torah

February 28, 2010

New icon: Trivia fact for Sunday, Feb. 28: Under Jewish law, what implement must be used in handwriting a Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament? A feather quill from a kosher bird, usually a goose or a turkey. An iron or metal writing implement cannot be used because it could puncture the […]

Wearing a Sparky uniform, partying at the O Zone, condoms, and sports bars

February 27, 2010

Martin T. picked me up a bit earlier than Henry usually does, but that’s okay – we spent the ride over talking about the Olympics (we’ll both miss it), watching it on TV, being bad for skipping Fellowship to watch yesterday’s game, events, ferris wheels, cranberries, Henry having a slight fever, his trip to Hong […]

Falling asleep in the shower, gold medals, games, and teapots

February 27, 2010

I almost fell asleep in the shower just now – what the?! Henry called while I was showering, so I returned his call. Seems that he won’t be able to take me to Awana today, so he got Martin to pick me up. Works for me, haha. Jon also emailed a bunch of us about […]

Benadryl better help me sleep! / Jedi identity / Only seeming dead

February 27, 2010

Finally, I seem sleepy after taking two Benadryl! Of course, I looked up the possible effects first. I say “seem sleepy” because sleeping aids have fooled me before… but then again, I just drew on myself too hard with a pen, and also had at least ten typos while writing this. Bedtime it is! Facebook […]

Slovakia ALMOST won against Canada!

February 26, 2010

WHAT THE HELL. THIS THING JUST RESTARTED! Missed a call from Eric’s work at 6:10, so called him back on his cellphone a few minutes later. He said he wasn’t going to Fellowship, due to the Canada-Slovakia hockey game… I said that it was a good decision, because transit traffic was insane enough this afternoon. […]

HER GHOST IN THE FOG / New blue frames and transit insanity / Mullets

February 26, 2010

Barb Scott just reminded me of this song, and that’s why I’m playing it now. Good times. 😀 Just got home from a rather insane transit outing to get my new blue frames. The Canada Line station at Brighouse was CRAZY, even if I somewhat bypassed the LONG lineup! At least I remembered where the […]

Assigned seating in Taiwanese movie theatres?

February 26, 2010

[00:43:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: I’m watching the Canada-USA women’s game now… but I already know the result [01:03:28] mrptptpt: aren’t they delaying all the broadcasts on the West Coast for some reason, despite that being the local timezone of the events? that seems pretty dumb [01:04:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, I think that’s what NBC did from the opening […]

Chinese stringed instruments and thunder snow

February 26, 2010

Called Auntie Ying, and told her about recent events – no, I didn’t tell her last week since it didn’t seem relevant to the conversation. But I told her NOW, heh… only because she asked why I needed to get my glasses fixed! Discussed respect, frames, grudges, stress, how my mother did something WRONG, hitting, […]

Inexpensive glasses frames, and breakfast for dinner – LiveCity Yaletown, too

February 25, 2010

THIS THING JUST RESTARTED! Went out this afternoon to do some banking, get a spare backscratcher (one for each room!), and have my glasses fixed. Did the banking and Aberdeen Mall stuff without incident (saw a dancing dragon with drumming at the mall!), but I wasn’t surprised when I walked the wrong way down the […]