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Shawnaw Fischer?! / Walli Smith?! / Dennis, Dennisa, and Dennison Morgan?!

August 28, 2020

I sent Shaw Customer Service a Facebook PM (not a DM, millennials…) last night once I finally caught up with a bunch of things. Of course they weren’t available at 10 PM, but I didn’t want to get all distracted! Spencer replied this morning, so of course I proceeded to drive his call time up […]

Allyson Romedy?! / Tyren, Bray, Deshay, Deshane, and Ajai?!

April 30, 2019

I discovered redrum this morning – UGH! Then again, I planned for it because of my other eye surgery on May 8 and then staying at Deb and Dylan’s… so hopefully, it won’t show up during this time! From Reddit and r/UnresolvedMysteries: Allyson Romedy?! BAD SPELLING OF ALLISON! Reminds me of a REMEDY! From Julie: […]

A bone dragon, new deodorant, Fraser holding my hand, congee, and dinosaurs!

May 12, 2017

Apparently, there was a lunch at the lards’ place today, so it was COFFEE TIME before I left at 10 to do some quick shopping at London Drugs: a new coffee mug, new Glacier Speed Stick deodorant to replace my Speed Stick with Irish Spring deodorant from 7 July 2015, new store brand lemon dish […]

Auntie Brenda being pregnant, Sam Lau, Teunis storming out (dream) / Chips, Kit-Kats, 2-1 win

January 19, 2015

I had a weird dream where Auntie Brenda had gotten pregnant again after a trip to Hawaii, 18 years after Darren was born. None of us (including Steph) wanted to think about Uncle Eric’s super sperm! Then Teunis and Krista thought they could just come over and stay here, but then Teunis stormed out, leaving […]

Chicken and Waffle is very disappointing at Havana!

August 18, 2013

Eric picked me up at about 9:10, and it was good to update him about what I touched on briefly during our phone call yesterday; birthday presents, that hot sauce (“are your tastebuds dead?”), my not being tired of Michael already if he treats me better than Korey ever did (a replacement for Darkwing Duck […]

Peaceful Minoru Park, biting canker sores, Cameron and Devon, tamarind crab

June 16, 2013

Since I was up early and too emotional to really sleep, I decided to take one of my very rare walks into Minoru Park at 6:45 this morning. Looking at the rabbits and ducks at the pond was oddly peaceful, but I mainly just needed to walk off all the ranty feelings about Michael going […]

Auntie Paula’s funeral / RED JACKETS / Micah and Isaac welcome / Pho

May 23, 2013

Of course, I was up at 6 AM today! Ugh. It didn’t help that Mom annoyed me by saying stuff about my red jacket – you’re fucking lucky I remembered a dark cap instead of a yellow / printed one! When I die, people should be able to wear whatever color they want. At church, […]

Birthday Wishes, 2012

September 23, 2012

Email: Randal C., Cindy F., Connie S., Vicky L., Mandy D.-R. {5} LJ: OhNoTheyDidnt 1, The Hockey Pool, OhNoTheyDidnt 2 {13} YM: James R. (1) Facebook Wall Posts: Cecilia M., Barb-Joyce D., Valdimar A., David Ho, Chrissy S., John S., Candy B., Rosenda M. x2, Julie S., Billie E., Andrew M., Angela S., Marilynn S., […]

Phil, Grace, and Micah will be missed…

August 26, 2012

When Eric picked me up this morning, he wondered if I’d spent time with Chinese Eric and Nathan yesterday. NO! IT WAS A FAMILY LUNCH! He complained about traffic while I found my lunch ticket, then he said that he should be at church by 9. That was currently not possible, as it was 8:55! […]

Baby Olive, Hayden, Silas, Pho Thai Son

August 12, 2012

I was a bit late meeting Eric, but he said I’d sounded tired on the phone: NO, REALLY?! He joked that I was drunk, asked if I wanted to get tattoos (Steph and Lisa have that covered), wondered if I’d finished MOTHER 1 yet (then said that I was playing DRAGON WARRIOR III one too […]