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Steele-Bowles, Short-Lane, Kohn-Pullen, and other bad hyphenated names!

March 2, 2016

Steele-Bowles! Short-Lane! Kohn-Pullen! Gentle-Gurley! Gay-Cox! Rider-Moore! Green-Wille! Mann-Butts! Moist-Box! Dickie-Peters! Stout-Johnson! Fedder-Good! Wright-Tingle! Hazard-Dick!

White-Power, Johnson-Holder, Crapp-Beer, and other bad hyphenated names!

January 14, 2016

White-Power! What makes this even better is that they’re black! Johnson-Holder! Crapp-Beer! Little-Gay! Hunt-Kapture! Stoker-Dailey! Speedy-Zieper! Wanamaker-Popp! Poore-Sapp! Appel-Bottum! Loveless-Beaver! Seymour-Butts! Pickup-Pigg! Dick-Bender! Busch-Graber! Coke-Head! Dunnam-Favors! (done him favors)

Deb Sigmund, Dom Perignon Champagne, Peter Bonerz, Fagley Dork, Steve Sharts

October 30, 2015

Deb Sigmund added me to Facebook, which is fine. Dom Perignon Champagne! Peter Bonerz! Fagley Dork! Steve Sharts!

Mike’s ideas being paramount, Superstore’s digital price tags, Pho, Jana, and shampoo

February 21, 2015

Another reason why we wouldn’t have worked out: Mike SAID that I could come up with ideas to do whatever, but his ideas seemed to take centre stage. Never mind if it was La Belle Patate (his idea) instead of my idea of L.A. Grill, even. This was showcased in the MULTIPLE times that he […]

MANIAC MANSION / Rich! Sweet! Zombie Attack! (dream) / Troy, Lisa Dragon, a 5-3 Wings loss

November 30, 2014

Also discussed MANIAC MANSION, George Lucas, and LucasArts yesterday. Woohoo! I had a dream where a lot of old VCEFC people were getting together in our old building with rickety black steps and a surprisingly huge library. While I was just going to explore with my friends, Dad said that I had to listen to […]

Fat Dragon, half a pig’s head, NEW COMFORTER, baby smiles amid fussiness!

November 25, 2012

When Eric picked me up this morning, we discussed the fog around the Army base / Christmas music / his intending to waste Chinese Eric’s time by inviting him to that Justin Timberlake movie / correct spelling in the worship songs on the Powerpoint / College Humor / phishing sites / my feelings about Christmas, […]

Themed word searches, confirming with Quan, ATHENA

November 23, 2012

The computer spontaneously restarted at 2:38 PM, so I did a few themed word searches. After confirming with Quan, I was able to use some “thinking of you – warm thoughts” cards for her / Elaine / Vivian W. / Andrew T. / Lawrence. I’ll leave Darren L. off my list because we don’t talk […]

Andrew, Adam, Lawrence, and Eric helped me!

September 29, 2012

I took a bit of a nap because I needed the sleep, but I woke myself up with my snoring (which Eric later thought was impossible)… kinda like baby Ayler, hahaha! At least I could appear half-human before I perforce went out to the “small group / BS formulation and guidelines” workshop night… (sarcastic) thanks […]

Yelping, Endor, Laurent, Strom, Taloon, RETURN, and more Ragnar!

August 20, 2012

I was responsible today, and paid my hydro bill. Cindy also replied to my “Happy Belated Birthday” email to thank me, and say that she’s been praying for Grandma – that’s what I’d expect, haha. Alena, Cristo, and Brey meet Ragnar near Endor’s Travel Door: Chanting “Return” doesn’t work in Endor at the end of […]

Berman, vibrators, Calla NOT Kayla, binoculars, Auntie Grace, and Green Village

March 18, 2012

Surprised Eric this morning by answering the phone with “Wedding Forum – how may I help you?” Hahaha! We discussed many things on the way to church: weddings in general, good friends, Christian music / static / the Shell Busey home improvement show / 99.3 the Fox, his meetings after church today and next week, […]