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Chrystal calling to postpone again! / Panromantic polyamorous special snowflake!

May 25, 2017

Chrystal gave me a surprise phone call at 8:35, saying that she knew we were supposed to meet up tomorrow, but work has been absolutely crazy since a supervisor resigned. Luckily for Chrystal, she’s not the new supervisor! We finally figured out a new date to meet up: Friday, June 9 at the usual place, […]

Snow and God coming! / A Japanese Halloween Christmas tree! / Let it snow!

December 25, 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I called Steph just now to see if I could get a ride to Christmas dinner, although I’m not thrilled about the idea. At least I could get one… WTF church sign from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church: As snow fell silently, God came. Merry Christmas. Barry told me about this Halloween Christmas tree […]

NescafĂ© coffee, Scotch scissors, index cards, and WD-40! / No Chrystal?!

December 15, 2016

I went out in the freezing weather at 5:50 to meet Chrystal at Broadway Station, just missing a 401. I waited for at least 40 minutes just inside the station before I gave up and went to London Drugs to buy on-sale NescafĂ© coffee (April 20, 2016), WD-40 spray because Vanessa had suggested it yesterday […]

Meeting with Chrystal: Ebisu instead of La Taquiera! / Charlostain Sawshades?!

August 26, 2016

I went out at 5:45 to meet Chrystal at 6:30 at Broadway Station. The lack of actual chairs and tables (as opposed to only barstools) at La Taquiera across the street was a dealbreaker for me, so we walked a block to go to Ebisu on Broadway instead. We talked about Chuck and Andrea moving […]

Lunch with Chrystal at Mucho Burrito! / Wine coming out of the sink!

March 28, 2016

I left at 12:55 to meet Chrystal at Broadway Station. Of course I had her birthday card, on-sale (fudge) Cadbury eggs for Easter, and on-sale President’s Choice chocolate bars (dark chocolate / milk chocolate with caramel pieces) for her birthday. I got there at 1:20, and had to wait for a while. Unlike Mike, I […]

Jerker Forssten, Jack Daniels / Jim Beam / Johnny Walker, Ethan Faggett, Ben Gay

December 27, 2015

Henrik’s friend Jerker Forssten, whom I encountered on Facebook on November 29, 2010! I also told Dawn about the name Jerker on May 18, 2006 since I was the name expert while she was in Beijing! I know it’s a legitimate male Swedish name, but… Jack Daniels has named his son Jim Beam on 14 […]

Pho with Chrystal, Plaxico Burress, Dick Power, Mr. Perv the teacher!

December 11, 2015

Julie S. sent me a Facebook message at 1:20 to tell me that she got my Christmas card today! I left at 6:05 and met Chrystal at the Broadway Canada Line station as advertised, a little late at 6:40. She got the leftover Halloween candy, baby cards for Mike / Emily and Angus / Melia, […]

Expensive small group / Baby Ethan! / Sheila Dikshit, F. You, Charity Beaver

November 22, 2015

I got small group emails about a Christmas gift basket and meeting at McDonalds again – it would be great for my budget if we could quit meeting there! Yes, I did tell them that. I also saw on Facebook that Mike and Emily are now parents to baby Ethan – born yesterday on the […]

What Type of Name Should You Have?

April 9, 2014

You Should Have a Classic Name You are practical and cool-headed. You stay composed, even in the face of drama and chaos. You carry yourself well, and you are quite classy. You have impeccable manners, and people like being around you. You are not a big risk-taker, and no one would accuse you of being […]

ANOTHER church meeting?! / Texas / Glitzy halls, Chung Ming, music (dream)

April 17, 2013

Dad emailed me to say that the church was having a membership meeting this Sunday. Bullshit, as the next one should be in October-ish! I know they had one in late February, and here we are two months later. Maybe it’s one of those “special” ones, but I doubt it. Then Mom called later to […]