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Susan Tellem in public relations?! / Norm Reeder in charge of LIBRARY programs?!

May 3, 2017

From ALL-PURPOSE BATHROOM READER #13: Susan Tellem is a public relations executive?! From ALL-PURPOSE BATHROOM READER #13: Norm REEDER is in charge of Torrance LIBRARY programs?!

5-2 / No “Good morning” here! / Richie Rich x2, Lancelot Supersad, Keith Toogood

February 19, 2016

The Canucks played the Flames at 6 tonight, and lost (their fourth straight game) 5-2 AGAIN! I always say “Morning” instead of “Good morning.” If it were a good morning, I would still be asleep in bed instead of talking to people. Richie Rich the football player?! Richie Rich the business professor?! Lancelot Supersad, Jr.?! […]

Monkey Traits!

February 4, 2011

Got this from one of Sarah Rowlett’s friends:

Sleeping pills, Gwyneth / Evelyn / Teresa / Henry / poo, characters, and dragons

November 4, 2010

Okay, taking a sleeping pill at 4 AM is a bad idea, given that it somehow takes two hours to kick in. At least I got up when it was almost full dark outside! (not that I’m going anywhere anyway) The only part of my dream I remember is going with Teresa and Henry to […]

Unfair footing, shellfish, reducing wild mushrooms, bittorrent, and Sarah Rowlett

September 17, 2010

High-scoring words of the afternoon: UNFAIR (160 points) – against Elizabeth S. [two 4W] EMYDE (117 points) – against Elizabeth S. [two 3W] {different game} FOOTING (468 points) – against Helga S. [two 2W, two 3W] SHOO (244 points) – against Allie D. [2W used twice, 5W, 3W, hook off TONE to make ES] Teunis […]

David Littlefair uses too much Netspeak! / Zombies / Beer / Japanese smileys

February 1, 2010

Been doing a lot of Facebook note editing today, and figured that I should unfriend / block David Littlefair because he uses way too much Netspeak for my tastes. I’ve already hidden him from my feed, but I went WHOLE HOG! Good thing I had time to do it – no stress! From Sarah Rowlett: […]

Greek food with Grandma! / Violent Diarrhea

August 19, 2009

Learned via Facebook that Sarah Rowlett’s mom Connie died on July 20 – damn, I hope they’re holding up pretty well! I know she has a bunch of relatives: Rachel, Aaron, Stephen, Jessica, Ken (dad), David (nephew), Jeremy, Michelle, Beckie, and more. So sad! 😦 Went to Kisamos with Steph and Grandma for dinner – […]

Holding hands at church, oh my! / DQ amusement / SURVEY NOSTALGIA!

May 2, 2008

Bingos of the day: UREDINIA (64 points) – against Chantal F. ERODIBLE (63 points) – against Mel G. OUTSTAY (77 points) – against Marla S. [across a triple-word score!] DOORYARD (74 points) – against Matt H. I had a weird dream where a group of friends and I were in a crazy elevator. It went […]

Netspeak may have structure, but I’m still not deciphering it!

February 8, 2008

Note: What your LJ people would never admit Blogquiz, by Cami. Eric called at 6:35, wanting to be let in – sure, why not? After a few minutes of surveying my place, we left for Fellowship with his teasing me about how I’d done something to the Coquihalla Highway. He also was pleased that the […]

The smell test is always reliable!

February 4, 2008

Hmm. I’m undecided whether I should give certain things up for Lent. On the one hand, it would truly be a sacrifice / discipline since I spend far too much time on those pursuits, and I could spend that time reading Christian books. (which I should do more of anyhow) But I know myself; I’ll […]