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Amazing that we’re still talking!

March 31, 2004

it’s amazing that we’re still talking after a few hours.. not that it hasn’t happened before or anything.. especially with me and certain others I could name.. Corey, Erik, other online people, selected real-life people.. at least he managed to satisfy my ambient curiosity.. had to ask him what the heck an “Ertax” was.. bugging […]

I like making people turn things on ;) / Quizzes

March 31, 2004

I attempted to make Stephen turn on AIM.. since I had success with Corey yesterday from ICQ 😉 don’t know if he’ll turn it on again this week, but we’ll see.. luckily, he responded to “the call” and I’m enjoying it.. of course, his connection is wonky as all get out.. but he says he […]

Holy stars of Satan, hahaha!

March 30, 2004

caught Jim on AIM a few hours ago.. “weird monkey,” haha.. don’t know why he’d call me that or even invoke stuff.. “holy stars of Satan,” indeed.. I let him know who I was.. also called me a “dragon lady,” but I’m used to that 😛 decided to finally turn on ICQ for once and […]

LJ cull / More Quizzes

March 30, 2004

I’m doing a friends cull on my LJ today coz it’s time.. there WILL be some exceptions to the cut, of course.. even if these people don’t comment, they’re still in: welfy, Jim, his sister, my sister, Snoopy, MB people.. (people with friends-only journals and partners count, too) I’d never delete Jim, Sam, Stephen, or […]

Fish and chips

March 29, 2004

thanks to a comment that Jim made earlier.. I had to produce a little “weirdness on demand”.. didn’t turn out too badly, even if I do say so myself 😛 reading another comment someone else made about food.. now I’m craving some fish and chips at a restaurant.. however, I don’t really want to go […]

Three restarts?!

March 29, 2004

stupid temperamental beast of a computer.. 3 restarts?! at least now I’m online, and can write what I meant to.. Candy sent me a PM as soon as I was on Our Place.. she wanted to call and say hi, plus do some venting.. since I was up for it, we discussed a lot of […]


March 28, 2004

A page FULL of penis euphemisms! Got all these from my copy of The Odd Index by Stephen J. Spignesi. 😀 Disclaimer: I don’t agree with all the language here… but given that these are some sexy euphemisms, you’ll have to bear with it. Or skip this entry, if you like.. doesn’t matter to me. […]

The house is like a gong show!

March 28, 2004

according to Jon, the house is like a gong show.. I’m not going to be there for a few weeks yet.. yay?! talked to Jon, Melia, Dawn, Sean, Fidela, Brian, Eric, Danielle.. Eddie, Justin C., Michelle, Nathan, Alan, Jen, Citrus, Maisie, etc. updates / life, the move, my new book, music, plans, church.. how Steph […]

Sober / drunk conversations

March 28, 2004

just had a “sober / drunk” AIM conversation with Andre.. it wasn’t that bad, although he did have lots of typos.. Spoz would say: “whoa.. check out my typing.. no typos..” and I really do appreciate that, believe me.. too bad no talk.. didn’t talk to any of my regular chat buddies tonight.. probably it […]

The Smoking Gun and the Backstage Pass / Granville Sushi bento box making Awana people hungry

March 27, 2004

went to Chapters and got a book based on The Smoking Gun.. Spoz introduced me to the Backstage Pass two years ago.. he said I seemed to be a music fan, and obsessive-compulsive.. hahaha.. while somewhat accurate, the site IS entertaining! got a bento box as takeout from Granville Sushi.. it made everyone hungry at […]