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Italian breadsticks, February 2013 BBT, JANE EYRE, music personality

February 28, 2013

Had Italian breadsticks as a snack after going to Richmond Centre and having a strawberry bubble tea at Big Orange, and started JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte. Vanessa said it was too bad she’d eaten before 5, as we could have grabbed something in Steveston; maybe next time! (also saves more money) Harmony thanked me […]

Eating sand, Salicia, Precious, baby wipes, bee stings

February 28, 2013

Got to watch some of HOARDERS: BURIED ALIVE and MY STRANGE ADDICTION last night. A black girl addicted to eating sand / snacking on nail files for the crunch (the friends’ names in this segment: Salicia [not a typo] and Precious?!), a mother addicted to baby wipes since she doesn’t want to hear the sound […]

Chinese mushrooms, abalone, doughnuts, modified milk ingredients in Breyer’s ice cream

February 27, 2013

Had some noodles with Chinese mushrooms in abalone sauce for a midnight snack, then had Raisin Bran / milk / doughnuts this afternoon. Modified milk ingredients vs. real cream in Breyer’s ice cream / frozen dessert / frozen dairy dessert. Did my parents a favor and threw out a bunch of expired food and toothpaste, […]

Rescheduling, pork chops, mushrooms, POGS personality

February 26, 2013

I rescheduled with Chrystal for next Wednesday (no hockey game or small group conflicts!) at 7 near Oakridge. It works for both of us; she did get my message, and understands. She asked whether I was feeling better now; yup, except for this intermittent cough and sneeze! The Canucks played Phoenix tonight, but lost 4-2. […]

7-11, Confederation Bridge, ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, lobster!

February 25, 2013

Got up at 9:45, and went to the 7-11 a little later. I got 2L of 2% milk which expires on March 11, which is much better than March 3 or 5! Also got some oatmeal and raisin cookies, heh. I saw someone cleaning there, which is good. Found some more pictures of the 2004 […]

Coffee liqueur, lobster burger patties, ribeye steak, and tripe

February 25, 2013

Jon picked me up in the rain, and said that Harmony already had enough sweets from Mom; I’m sure, but I gotta contribute! Haha! Talked about how people notice when I’m not around at church; hey, I still go to small group, so whatever! Mom showed me milk (which expires in two days… 7-11 run […]

Legends Pub / What Should You Keep Calm And Do? / Beautiful Women

February 24, 2013

Vanessa invited me to go to Legends Pub for dinner, but I knew I shouldn’t go in case Jon called – next time with her friends! Jon did call at 7:20 to say that baby Ayler is having a rough night, but will perforce pick me up anyway, even if he wants to get out […]

Eric sick, Auntie May, Auntie Eva, 8-3 LOSS with injured Wings!

February 24, 2013

I was up at 8 AM, which would have been fine had Eric picked up his damn phone when I called a while later! Oh well, at least this meant I got to catch the hockey game at 2. Jon called to say that Eric had been sick (again?!), and that Auntie May and Auntie […]

Alex / Straw mushroom expiry / Cid jumping glitch

February 23, 2013

Found myself thinking of Alex today; it’s been some time since I have! Wonder how he is… at least HE was always a friend. Went to London Drugs to get more melatonin (now to get someone to open it tomorrow without any questions!), on-sale cranberry-pomegranate juice, and AA batteries. Got home and actually gave Ian […]

John Powell / 1-0 win over Predators / No motivation / RED

February 22, 2013

John Powell added me to Facebook, just in time for his birthday tomorrow – HAHAHA! The Canucks played the Predators tonight. It was kinda boring till Weise scored in the third period to make it 1-0. Someone was also throwing catfish on the ice, too… then there was bad timing on a Burrows penalty. Thankfully, […]