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It’s over with… I’ll never flirt again!

September 30, 2003

it’s over with and there’s no turning back; regrets, yes.. memories pop into my head, and there are reminders.. a “long, emotional hug that spoke volumes” was in the papers.. considering that was what we thought we’d have when we met.. that wasn’t exactly the best line to read this afternoon.. seeing loving couples isn’t […]

Drinking, bubble tea, chocolate, and going out as distractions

September 30, 2003

just had a conversation about getting drunk.. thank God I know someone with 11 years’ experience at it 😉 I definitely appreciate the tips on it.. (even though I’m not following Tip A.. I’m alone; depressing!) for you trainspotters, it’s not kegs of beer.. it’s that vodka I bought two weeks ago exactly 😛 someone […]

DRAGON QUEST V Enemy List, #1-217

September 29, 2003

LJ equivalent on Sept. 4, 2012. This is a complete enemy list for DRAGON QUEST V. This walkthrough (JAMES!) helped when I was playing the game (especially for monster locations, mostly), this IKON walkthrough was helpful for the mine cart puzzle, and this enemy list generally helped as well. A great LP of the game, […]

ICQ and its illegal operations

September 29, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANITA.. I hope you have a great one today! 🙂 It’s been good getting to know you. tried installing ICQ again on Spoz’s email suggestion.. (last time I tried to install the thing.. it crashed, or performed an illegal operation every time I sent a message — NOT GOOD) to my great relief, […]

Dragons and crunchiness

September 28, 2003

yes, there was still amusement to be found this week.. although you’ll note that mid-week isn’t represented 😉 the common theme of crunchiness is a coincidence! HILARIOUS QUOTES OF THE WEEK (2) “Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are good crunchy with mustard.” — Josh, reacting to my MSN name of “I […]

The Great Online Journal Purge

September 28, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALLISON.. I hope you have a really terrific one today! 🙂 It was neat knowing you at school. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNTIE PING.. I hope you have a rocking one today! 🙂 It’s been good knowing you at church! at last, the great online journal purge is over! not sure I should have done […]

Mini-Olympics and the kids

September 27, 2003

the mini-Olympics were pretty fun.. so was the dinner and auction afterwards.. got to spend time with a bunch of the kids.. talked to my friends about stuff.. even gave some of them stickers and gum.. (no, I don’t spoil them at all.. why do you ask? :P) it was a great distraction and all […]

Wordless proposals

September 27, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANITA.. I hope you have a great one today! 🙂 It’s been cool knowing you all these years; choir, Awana, etc. had plenty of distraction last night with friends.. Adela doesn’t know what’s up with the SportsChek thing.. Nathan and Eric listened to me ramble on.. Eunice liked my idea of a “wordless […]

You were right about the huge red flags, G….

September 26, 2003

I’ve come to one conclusion about all this: seems we were headed for nowhere fast, anyhow.. I should have paid attention to my panicky feelings.. regret won’t help, though.. just cut losses and move on! G was right about the huge red flags a few months ago.. if my MSN actually worked, I’d tell him […]

You overreacted to something little….

September 25, 2003

well, the response to my email was what I expected.. it’s left him feeling badly, and he can’t pretend friendship.. is he too sensitive and overreactionary? perhaps.. does he worry too much about offending me? dunno.. was I a good friend to him? maybe not now, but before! I do have my own friends who’ve […]