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Birthday Photos and Pictures in 2020!

September 21, 2020

Birthday Photos and Pictures in 2020! THIS ENTRY IS ALLOWED TO HAVE NON-ALIGNED TAGS. September 1976 Limited Edition sticker: 44 Years of Being Awesome! Seafood linguine at the Lakeside Grill at Mayfair Lakes golf course for my 2020 birthday! Thanks, Auntie Catherine! Early birthday brunch at the Lakeside Grill, 5460 No. 7 Rd. Seafood linguine: […]

What’s Your Pirate Name? Talk Like A Pirate Day name generator! / NFL? No! NHL!

September 19, 2020

mIt’s Talk Like A Pirate Day today! Eric Ho texted me to talk about the Tampa Bay-Dallas Stanley Cup Final, how they’d just been going to nearby eateries or Hong Kong-style caf├ęs, and whether “E. Whitty” (white Eric!) would like to get together for ALL our belated birthdays. (again with the black rap names for […]

Backyard Barbecue! / Maritha?! BAD SPELLING OF MARTHA! / Ida Bob Joe Seward?!

September 10, 2020

Today is the first day EVER that the NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, MLS, and NHL will all play on the same day. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey! I went to Shoppers Drug Mart briefly at 3 on a 407 where the bus driver had no coronavirus mask or Plexiglas shield, and read “polytechnic university” […]

Rayshard Brooks?! / Invalid date?! / Dove pomegranate / Irish Spring Cool Scrub

September 4, 2020

Chinese Eric texted me before the game to say that his injury wasn’t as serious as a broken leg, but he just strained his muscles pretty badly and needs to rest. Very understandable! The Canucks FINALLY played the Vegas Golden Knights in Second Round Playoff Game #7 at 6, and LOST 3-0 thanks to TWO […]

Adreann West?! ADRIENNE! / Bad news Eric Ho / My 2 Canucks T-shirts white Eric!

September 3, 2020

Eric Ho texted me at 10:15 last night to say that he had to tell me some bad news: he got injured while helping his dad, and so will be immobile for some time! That totally sucks, and we’ll have to delay a hockey or birthday hangout! I put the spare two water bottles in […]

Cregg?! / Turkey with Italian Sausage Stuffing, Thai Kitchen, Tiger Tiger Pho

September 1, 2020

Me: “Hi, Spencer, I hope you get…” My phone: “… aroused.” Me: “NOOOOOO!” (this was going to Shaw!) I went out at 2:25 on a 401 for shopping purposes, and tested Shaw Open at the London Drugs bus stop… IT WORKED! Also got a series of text messages from Chinese Eric: Tonight wasn’t good for […]

Arvella Toomer?! / Rebeca Navarrete?! / Machelle?! BAD SPELLING OF MICHELLE!

August 30, 2020

Eric texted me at 5:50 to take a literal raincheck because he’d just gotten home and washed up – not a problem! The Canucks FINALLY played Vegas in Second Round Playoff Game #4 at 7:45, and just lost 5-3 thanks to the Knights getting THREE GOALS IN THE THIRD PERIOD. From Julie M. and JUDGE […]

Why am I such a dickhead? / Sorry for the INCONTINENCE! / The FORCIBLE future!

August 29, 2020

Eric Ho texted me to say that politics / BLM and sports shouldn’t mix, and will think about coming over for Games 4 or 5 tomorrow or Tuesday. The Canucks FINALLY played Vegas in Second Round Playoff Game #3 at 6:45, and lost 3-0… SHUTOUT AGAIN! From Reddit and r/canucks: Vegas had 2930 shots in […]

K’Andre Miller, Kole Lind, Judie Dietzler, Juli Beckwith, and Jim Bob Cooter?!

August 28, 2020

I thought I heard another squeaking mouse, so texted Barry about it. He wasn’t in and told me to call on Monday, saying sorry. Then I sent Term a Discord message, although I should have made that one a text message also. He’d just gotten home at 4:30! Later at 9:15, he messaged me to […]

MyKuali Red Tom Yum Goong noodles breakfast, All-Dressed chips, Kraft Dinner

August 27, 2020

I went out at 2:15 in the HOT SWEATY HUMID WEATHER on a 407 after procrastinating BECAUSE I FOUND OUT THERE ARE NO PLAYOFF GAMES TODAY OR TOMORROW?! BULLSHIT! (BLM / Evander Kane / Canucks / texting Eric Ho) I bought one more pair of Old Navy Go-Dry Active shorts, on-sale Silk Canada almond milk […]