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Metrosexuals, bus passes, Chunky Soup, and the weather / Some Things I Can Do Without

October 31, 2005

Wow… lots of fireworks and firecrackers going off nearby. I just got a PM from reebee (Marie) over at Our Place saying that she’d send me a neat gadget she just happened to come across. She wouldn’t have thought much of it, but then she remembered my problem with pop-top cans. (detailed below) I didn’t […]

Happy Halloween! / catching up / quizzes

October 31, 2005

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Jon, Vivian, and me at Viv’s a few years back: 40 of us carved pumpkins and celebrated Vivian’s Oct. 30 birthday! (Happy Belated Birthday, Vivian… if you’re reading this, heh) Corey as a zombie a few years back: Sean as a girl and Adela as a guy in 2003 for Halloween: A closer-up […]

Suudsu, Missions Conference, long church meetings

October 30, 2005

So what have I been doing for the past 30 hours? Sit back, and I’ll tell you. On the way home from Nathan’s on Friday, Eric tried convincing me to get gummi bears so I could make suudsu: “I can take pictures of it, and then show Danielle! She thinks it’s gross to mix gummi […]

Breeders member, puns, urban legends, animal names, and Bono’s phases

October 29, 2005

Here are some OK Cupid quizzes before I leave… Tanya Donelly You scored 23 hipness, 66 sweetness, and 35 business! You’re the lovely Tanya Donelly! You’re probably the sweetest thing ever on this planet, and everybody loves you for it. Who could blame them? My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people […]

Chapters, Pho, kids, and friends

October 29, 2005

Tonight, I went to Chapters a little before 6… I couldn’t resist buying when I saw Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live, as Told By Its Stars, Writers and Guests, Uncle John’s Fast-Acting Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader (#18), and the Diaries of Samuel Pepys. (yet another reason why I shouldn’t be […]


October 28, 2005

Heh, Eric and I had the most amusing conversation earlier about suudsu… skim milk and gummi bears mixed together. I knew it had to be a Homestar Runner reference! See Homestar Runner Wiki for more details. I noted that I’m helping with the kids tonight in the balcony while the missions conference is going on: […]

Name-related facts, weird names, celebrities’ real names

October 28, 2005

In some tribal societies, children aren’t considered born until they are named. Most people in the Western Hemisphere have names from the Bible. Women outnumber men, even though there are 3037 male names in the Bible and just 181 female names in the Bible. The New Testament is a more popular source of names than […]

The soap opera my life resembles

October 28, 2005

Your life most resembles: The Young and the Restless Your life mostly resembles those of the characters on the Young and the Restless. You are not very melodramatic, and your life is pretty normal. What makes you cool is that you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com For some […]

The first game in Denver since the sucker-punch incident…

October 27, 2005

I heard the Chicago White Sox won the World Series yesterday: good for them for wiping away that 88-year-old curse! Well, tonight was the first Canucks game in Denver since the Todd Bertuzzi incident 19 months ago. There were some fans dressed up in prison gear, and they did boo when #44 came on the […]

Being reachable, Rate My Life, Memegens

October 27, 2005

Being reachable on MSN is important.. I hope MSN Trillian decides to work tomorrow so I can make Friday plans with Eric. (yes, I did reach him last night when I got home.. now, to get Sam’s MSN!) Note: LJ Halloween Party x2 / LJ Halloween Bash Memegens. (by Karen_Walker, cerulean_dreams, and jinxhart) This Is […]