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2002 Guestbook Entries

December 30, 2002

These are the low-tech blue guestbook entries for 2002. I figure it’s best to keep on with things. 😀 February 22, 2002 (Friday) Andrea: “Hey Leslie! Thanks for having me over yet once again! 🙂 This fishy sticker is there so that you would remember that we had halibut curry and your yummy insanity vegetable […]

Help! I am damn scared of escalators!

December 28, 2002

No, really. Some of you may know and like me well enough, but I am about to tell you something that will drastically change your opinion of me from a reasonably confident person into a wuss. This all-important truth that I must share? (thanks ever so much to Snooooopy for giving me the inspiration) I […]

Animals, who secretly loves me, household items, and more!

December 27, 2002

what animal would you be? chicken Take this quiz at QuizHeaven.com who secretly loves you? the demon in my backyard Take this quiz at QuizHeaven.com Oh my… demons, eh? What household item are you? stereo: you are the life of all parties… you’re the one who makes all the noise Take this quiz at QuizHeaven.com […]

Dogs, WWE stars, character flaws, and more!

December 19, 2002

Poodle You’re a poodle! You have a nice soft look and a smart personality. Make sure you show it off. Take this quiz at QuizHeaven.com Undertaker is your hubby you will get married on June 23, 2023 Take this quiz at QuizHeaven.com What is your character flaw? You are a starving artist, but manage to […]