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President’s Choice meat lasagna! / Breonna Taylor?! / H202 comic! / Duncanthrax

September 8, 2020

There was the same mouse scratching at 8 AM, by the storage container. I guess I can’t keep a garbage bag of empty water bottles ANYWHERE! Then there was another false fire alarm at 9 AM. I wonder if I’m living in GROUNDHOG DAY… I vented to an upstairs neighbor at 4:35 PM because I […]

When you poop and there’s no more toilet paper…. YIKES!

August 30, 2020

GOOD TIMING! I’m going to shower and do some laundry later. When you poop and there’s no more toilet paper…

K’Andre Miller, Kole Lind, Judie Dietzler, Juli Beckwith, and Jim Bob Cooter?!

August 28, 2020

I thought I heard another squeaking mouse, so texted Barry about it. He wasn’t in and told me to call on Monday, saying sorry. Then I sent Term a Discord message, although I should have made that one a text message also. He’d just gotten home at 4:30! Later at 9:15, he messaged me to […]

Horned creatures and marijuana, Donald Trump toddler, legs open in a casket

July 25, 2020

Helen Y. says that Tammy Milosh smoked and drank too much, so her general health took a nasty turn. She was admitted to hospital and didn’t survive her complications despite initially progressing. Jim’s Pineapple Express strain marijuana From Marijuana and Ganja: Horned creatures, a horned dog, a lion, a sitar, and a super-trippy Indian background! […]

Rolled-up carpet neighbor burial, Aine Davis the stage manager, Mimmo Mimmo

July 8, 2020

From Julie: Just helped my neighbor bury a rolled-up carpet in the woods. Her boyfriend would’ve done it, but he’s out of town. HAHAHAHA! Being me, I had to edit in some visible hyphens via MS Paint. From Julie: Aine Davis is a stage manager?! From Reddit and r/hockey: Mimmo Mimmo is a retired Italian […]

Jaclynn, Cassadee, Torrann, Penny Lane, and Gannon?! / Malk, now with Vitamin R!

July 5, 2020

I noticed that Red Wings fan Andrew Clarke, Dan McIntosh (on my alteregos), AND Teresa Li unfriended me on Facebook – ugh, fine then! Then after COFFEE TIME and SHOWER TIME at 3, I FINALLY got a coin washer on the first try for the first time since March 17, AND FINALLY finished my laundry […]

Happy Canada Day x8! / Americans and July 4 / Treason Day / Ungrateful colonials

July 4, 2020

Wishing you a very happy Canada Day with a beaver, maple leaves, and a Canada flag! Happy Canada Day! MAPLE LEAF! HAPPY CANADA DAY! FLAG! Happy Canada Day! Glitter flag! Happy Canada Day! A maple leaf with a Canadian flag! Happy Canada Day with balloons and fireworks! Happy Canada Day with a maple leaf and […]

Happy Canada Day 2020! / Oh Canada! / Canada flags x4! / Your True Canadian Name

July 1, 2020

HAPPY CANADA DAY 2020! 153 YEARS OLD! Happy Canada Day… America. In true Canadian spirit, we’d like to apologize for any hard feelings about us kicking your ass out of our country when you tried to invade in 1812. Love, Canada. I went out at 5:35 on a 407 for shopping purposes at London Drugs: […]

Pooping Rosa the Pig! / Father’s Day 2020 breakfast tied up in a coffin bed!

June 29, 2020

From Julie: This sticker is Rosa the Pig pooping! This STAR JELLY comic is from Reddit and r/funny: The vampire children made you breakfast in a coffin bed for Father’s Day 2020, Dad!

D’Neil Schmall, Nahnatchka Khan, Kandus Bangh, broccollie and collieflower

June 18, 2020

It’s International Sushi Day today! From Julie and her local news on CNN: D’Neil Schmall is a coronavirus nurse?! APOSTROPHE! From Julie: A co-executive producer of FAMILY GUY is named Nahnatchka Khan?! From Julie: Kandus Bangh?! BAD SPELLING OF CANDACE OR CANDICE! From Julie: Day 21 of coronavirus quarantine… oh, look! It’s a Broccollie and […]