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Rule 34, brown rice and shit, GUMHEAD, cocaine, WET PONY, Ontario bills

June 30, 2014

I told Mike that he could open the bedroom window if he liked, but I would want him to close it later! We discussed Rule 34 in DRAGON WARRIOR, Ragnar and Taloon’s wives, HARRIET THE SPY, late-night TV, characters named Asa, KINDERGARTEN COP: “boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina!”, Douglas Coupland’s GUMHEAD […]

What Flavor Should Your Lips Be?

June 30, 2014

Time to take a shower and do some laundry now that redrum is done with again! Mike didn’t believe me, but asked if I were sure. Yup! Biological clocks, PERFECT DARK, and WARCRAFT indeed! Your Lips Are Cherry You are passionate and deep. You are a force in this world, and you don’t tone it […]

EXP as a gaming pub, the Jazz Festival, surprise rain, Mike meeting Billie, Mom and biological clocks

June 29, 2014

The usual suspect said that he had wanted to see me last night, but there was too much to do. Not like I minded, since this has been the first week in a while that I was able to get some of my own stuff done all by myself at home! He could come by […]

Nikki being butthurt, football offers, Havarti, Metrotown change, jazz festival, and EXP

June 28, 2014

At least the usual suspect and I had a brief conversation late last night about Julie, Nikki (he apparently found that funny enough to type “lol” and reference her being really butthurt), and that Telus “bill” for -8 cents! Steph called at noon to see whether Mike and I wanted to go to the first […]

Seeing Grace Tang again, ten years later! / Blue camisole / Ryan Kesler trade / Flip-Flop Color

June 27, 2014

No, not Gino Odjick with a terminal heart disease! Ryan Kesler is now an Anaheim Duck, too. Went out at 1 to get some “spicy” chicken, beef, prawns, and noodles at the Flaming Wok, then got a blue JESSICA undershirt which was unexpectedly on sale at Sears. Had to wait forever for the 407 home […]

Oysters resulted in TMI? / What ADVENTURE TIME character are you?

June 26, 2014

No more oysters for now; I’m not sure whether it was that or the expired mushrooms which caused some TMI bout just today, but better to be safe than sorry! Talked to the usual suspect about some butter chicken poutine at the gaming establishment of EXP (Yoga Flame?), plus some ZELDA onion ring poutine. Yes, […]

Taco Macaroni and Cheese! / What Part of Italy Are You?

June 26, 2014

Decided to unsubscribe from r/childfree because of the stupid asshole in there who didn’t know that I am NOT respectful when it comes to spelling mistakes, and the other one who thought that “balling your eyes out” was proper English! I know that those people are all over the Internet, but REALLY?! I also got […]

Very inconvenient location changes! / Homemade rum? / Ghost pepper salsa punishment

June 25, 2014

I thought that Dylan and Deb’s new move would be more convenient since I only had to take the more reliable 401 to their place, but NO! Translink said that Ash St. was near Garden City and Blundell, but I couldn’t find it since Heather St. was the next intersection! The Blundell City workers at […]

Thai Express, oysters, Melona ice bar popsicles / What Does Your Favorite Nut Say About You?

June 25, 2014

I was responsible and paid my Shaw and hydro bills before going out in the hot weather to do some banking and stuff today, inadvertently without a hat. Had some Pad Thai from Thai Express for lunch in the Richmond Centre food court, then decided to walk over to Price Smart to use that gift […]

GoToQuiz still works! / What Superpower Do You Have?

June 24, 2014

After discovering that Quiz Galaxy, Quiz Universe, Blogquiz, Toys For Your Blog, Rum & Monkey, and Memegen don’t work (well), I was pleasantly surprised to see that GoToQuiz DOES! Well, without the percentage bars… .resBarOuter {width:75%;height:15px;padding:0;margin:0;background:#eee;border:1px solid #000;text-align:left !important;position:relative;} .resBarInner {text-indent:-9999px;height:15px;background:#d02;font-size:6px;line-height:6px;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative;background-image:linear-gradient(bottom,rgb(221,0,33) 40%,rgb(255,60,86) 74%,rgb(221,0,33) 100%);background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(bottom,rgb(221,0,33) 40%,rgb(255,60,86) 74%,rgb(221,0,33) 100%);background-image:-webkit-linear-gradient(bottom,rgb(221,0,33) 40%,rgb(255,60,86) 74%,rgb(221,0,33) 100%);background-image:-ms-linear-gradient(bottom,rgb(221,0,33) 40%,rgb(255,60,86) 74%,rgb(221,0,33) 100%);} .resBarM {width:35%;float:right;margin-right: […]