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Sleep disorders: NARCOLEPSY?!

November 30, 2011

Talked briefly to Teunis on MSN, who is coming over later tonight. Now that it’s finally sorted, I’m going out to mail stuff and maybe eat something! You Are Narcolepsy Interacting with you makes most people feel incredibly satisfied. You are gentle, super sweet, and in harmony with those around you. You feel content and […]

4-1 WIN over the Blue Jackets! / November 2011 Bubble Tea Tally

November 30, 2011

Talked briefly to Teunis on MSN, then enjoyed a 4-1 Canucks win over the Columbus Blue Jackets for their fifth victory in a row! Later, Eric bugged me on MSN about Friday’s dessert night / “romancing” Chinese Eric / my hockey excitement and ALL CAPS / Randal as “the Hat-Wearing Man” and the past / […]

Obligations… Bridges… YOU SPOONY BARD!

November 29, 2011

Jon’s invited Nathan to Thursday’s dinner; if I *have* to go, this might make it better. Ugh. You Are a Bridge to Healing You are nurturing and supportive. You are the biggest cheerleader in your friends’ lives. You are incredibly empathetic and care about everyone you know. You feel for others. Emotions rule your decisions, […]

Finished MOTHER 3 with emotions! / Big Toilets

November 28, 2011

Talked briefly to Teunis on MSN, and Eric tried sending me a message while he was offline about when I was going to grace them with my next appearance. I assume he got mine about yesterday, hahaha. This is a sign I’ve been playing too much MOTHER 3: I saw a coffee table in the […]

Starbucks hot chocolate, Kayone, toilet dungeons, Randal, Corey, and 2012 bus pass

November 28, 2011

Randal FINALLY re-friended me on Facebook, after I thought he was lying to me… I wouldn’t have blamed him, though! Maybe the dude’s been busy, I don’t know. Whatever. I also almost forgot Corey’s March birthday card… good thing I remembered before he came home for Xmas, or even before he went back to Taiwan! […]

12 hours of sleep = SO WORTH MISSING A FAREWELL! / Group personality

November 27, 2011

Had about 12 hours of sleep, which is what I needed after yesterday’s gong show! Found a phone call from Eric, and a series of MSN messages sent just after I’d gone to bed at 12:30 about a farewell for Pastor Tom and such. Oh yeah, that was today, but I don’t think I could […]

Wally’s Burgers, lychee Vitasoy, PK TOILET, and 3-2 Canucks wins!

November 26, 2011

Since I was still awake at 11:30 AM, I decided to go visit Grandma at the respite centre. Unfortunately, the trip there and back proved to be full of much BUS FAIL! (just missing a bunch of buses?!) She complained about the rainy weather, but I think she was happy to see me. I ordered […]

Negative Man / Mystery Metal Monkey, sleep issues, and Blogthings

November 26, 2011

Tried going to bed at 1 AM since I thought I was really tired, but ended up getting out of bed at 2:30 AM, and I’ve been up ever since. Oh well, maybe I can finally visit Grandma today if I don’t crash later, haha. I did get two of the second-best weapon (Mystical Stick) […]

5-0 win over Phoenix! / NO BUSING HERE!

November 25, 2011

Called Jon to wish him a happy birthday – at least I didn’t ruin his birthday like he did to me! He couldn’t talk long since he was taking the bus somewhere, but wondered if I were going tonight, so I told him that Eric was sick. Then he asked whether I could take the […]

Eric sick / Cyber Monday / Fassad and Ionia in "hot springs" while high

November 25, 2011

Eric called me and sent me an email – he’s sick (sounded that way on the phone), so won’t be making it out tonight to Bible Study… I told him to rest up and feel better. It’s too bad he’s sick, but PHEW! I wasn’t sure how I’d manage the hockey game and the weekly […]