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Annoying notifications, redrum, and Mom

October 31, 2012

James went on YM right after giving me 30 FB notifications in two minutes, which was ANNOYING AS HECK since I do status notes, and had to edit everything multiple times. Vanessa got on MSN to ask about Grandma, so I updated her on the death and such. Chinese Eric called me, but I didn’t […]

Squirrels and earrings

October 30, 2012

Hey, the dungeons and space adventures work properly again – WHEE! What Kind Of Squirrel Are You? Cute Squirrel Awww! You’re adorable! Everyone loves you, and who would ever want to hate you? You get a lot of friends, and no one wants to be your enemy. Click Here to Take This QuizBrought to you […]

Tom, Tom, 69 jokes, and Jaroslav Halak

October 30, 2012

Mom called to see if I wanted to speak at the funeral (Uncle Michael and Yvonne’s crew will be too emotional – I dunno), to make sure I knew about Thursday’s dinner in Vancouver (I know), Uncle Michael and everyone being in Richmond, telling me that Tom and Tom sent her flowers already (and two […]

Expo 1986, dresses, and Hell’s Gate venison farms near Hope

October 29, 2012

Apparently, there will be a Celebration of Life dinner on Nov. 1 following the funeral and all of that. I expected this, heh. Discovered that some dungeons and space adventures weren’t working properly when they have TONS of friends and interests linked to their accounts! WTF? Steph emailed me, Jon, and Harmony a cute photo […]

Church, new babies Alexis and Charis, plus support

October 28, 2012

Kevin sent me an email yesterday thanking me for the email thread on Big G’s condition lately, and saying that she was blessed to have the family’s presence. His thoughts and prayers are with us, he added. (I saw Scott say the same thing on Jon’s page) Harmony forwarded me and Steph some sympathy wishes […]

Grandma’s edited eulogy

October 27, 2012

Got up to a eulogy suggestion from Mom (I’m not going to name all the surviving relatives or include the sides or call Uncle Michael’s [old?] boss a “Jew boss”!), and supportive emails and messages from Harmony / Ryan / Mandy / Vicky / Josh / Olga. Meh, I’ll just type it out here – […]

Phnom Penh, pumpkin ale, artwork events, and temptation

October 27, 2012

I saw Jon outside Steamworks, so I’d probably timed my exit to Waterfront Station perfectly. We went in and had some pumpkin ale while talking about Grandma, busing, water, cultural healing, SERVANTS, Pastor Bob, Harmony, stories, and other things before we bused to the house. I talked to a few people there (too much?), introducing […]

Rest in peace, Big G… 92 years and 8 months!

October 26, 2012

I got a phone call from my sister this morning at 11, but – as usual – didn’t answer the phone as I was busy with other things at home. When I did call her back an hour later, she said to talk to Mom, who said that Grandma had passed away this morning. Since […]

Canucks hat, rawhide treats, and stroller rain covers

October 25, 2012

Before I went to briefly visit Grandma at the hospital (I seriously stayed for five minutes), I went to Richmond Centre. I decided to buy a $19.99 Canucks hat at Atmosphere / Coast Mountain Sports, and found out that Shoppers Drug Mart / Chapters did NOT sell postcards. Thank goodness that I thought of the […]

New Zealand mussels, smoothies in juice, oolong tea, flamenco!

October 25, 2012

Last night, Jon emailed me / Sam / Harmony / Pastor Bob / Jeremy about Friday plans (tomorrow already?!) and the art auction show… 5:30 at Waterfront Station sounds okay; I’ll leave at 5:05 if going from the hospital, or at 4:45 if leaving from home. At least I don’t have to worry about eating […]