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Maisie calling me, talking to Corey and Sleestak

January 31, 2004

the dinner wasn’t too bad.. 10-course Chinese meal, man 😉 saw people I hadn’t seen in quite some time.. discussed stuff with Jon about his Hotmail inbox.. he’s going to Ireland for 1.5 weeks in a few months.. I think I’d better call in my ride favors then.. actually went home instead of hanging out […]

I’m way too easily amused…

January 30, 2004

Sam’s cheerful thought for the day: “just think.. in this small world of ours.. there’s someone who’s in love with you.. even if they don’t realize it yet..” thanks for the smile, luv.. you’re golden.. although you do drive me crazy in a good way.. definitely not in THAT sense, of course.. sheesh.. 😛 it’s […]

I loved Jesse and Kelvin in my own way!

January 30, 2004

Tuesday, May 24, 1994 Dear Leslie, Hello! The Canucks won at 14 seconds into the second overtime tonight – and I even found out before you told me! 🙂 Pretty good, huh? My dad sat in front of the television for the whole game, and grunted and groaned as if he was in labor – […]

Cue the Barenaked Ladies! (aka the Friday Five)

January 30, 2004

Please tell me you get the reference in the subject… 😉 You have just won one million dollars: 1. Who do you call first? My friend Yazmine. 2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself? A brand new computer system.. I’m getting tired of this old temperamental beast. 3. What is the first […]

Exercising my consumer whore tendencies / More Quizzes

January 29, 2004

went to the mall afterwards, today.. didn’t need HER rides.. I don’t care if it was raining heaps outside, either 😛 exercised my consumer whore tendencies a little bit.. bought scissors, paper, a binder, and strawberry bubble tea.. Sam says I should go on a great hoodie hunt.. eh, I was so not in the […]

I am off to be a consumer whore.. (bonus points if you get the reference)

January 29, 2004

well, it’s not surprising that my bad mood’s still resident.. although certain people are doing their best to chase it off.. I really appreciate having friends like that, and they know it.. Sam called me “luv” in a friendly way, and that is good.. Jim says he’d miss me if I were gone too long […]

100 greatest moments in alt-rock history, part one (Alan Cross: Greatest New Rock Moments #100-91)

January 29, 2004

History is often shaped by big decisions, but it’s also changed by little decisions and incidents. If Napoleon hadn’t had piles / hemorrhoids the day of the Battle of Waterloo, Europe would probably have looked very different than it does now. To look into the history of a culture, one must also look into the […]


January 28, 2004

feeling like utter crap today.. yesterday will do that.. also missing certain people like crazy.. I wish they were here.. all I want to do is just go back to bed and not care.. wish I were dead to the world and everything else.. not really in the mood to chat, yet I’m in an […]

Venting / Corey and smoking / Quizzes

January 27, 2004

the only good things to happen to me today? getting that copy of Human Monsters from the library.. eating another Boston Pizza Pasta Tuesday special.. and the massage therapy appointment, which was relaxing.. after that, it all went inexorably downhill from there 😦 after the massage, my mom was SUPPOSED to pick me up.. that […]

Venting… and HUMAN MONSTERS!

January 27, 2004

I went out today to get the Human Monsters : An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World’s Most Vicious Murderers (David Everitt) book from the library.. it’s about 100 of the world’s most vicious murderers: Sawney Beane Gilles de Rais Vlad the Impaler Elizabeth Bathory Gilles Garnier Peter Stubbe Elizabeth Brownrigg Andreas Bichel Anna Zwanziger John […]