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Calling Chrystal, Uncle Lee’s green tea, new bath mat, getting a new girlfriend

May 1, 2017

At 12:35, I called Chrystal to see when a good time would be for us to get together this month. The move apparently did not go smoothly last week, as Emily’s still organizing a bunch of stuff at both places. I didn’t mind meeting at the end of the month, as it gives me more […]

The NASCAR Walmart 500 race, ginger dumping, deep-fried baby, peeing on yourself

April 25, 2017

Since I was up early at 4:50 AM (ugh), I had some COFFEE TIME. I finally unsubscribed from Trivia Today and Bizarre News because of all the ads that Gopher Central and PulseTV were letting through – atrocious! There was a Shaw and phone outage at 11:30, so I decided to go to bed. Woke […]

Castrating a bull, Past Niiue, Future Niiue, Flying Men, Flying Men gravestones

January 27, 2017

I called Steph at 6:20 so we could figure out a date and time for me to visit them. While we were talking about Feb. 5 at noon (which works according to Translink), SLB, and surprising Mike / Sandy / Ruth in Hamilton, Fraser was babbling and saying “ma-ma.” I knew I might regret it […]

A flying beaver with a Canada flag, Asok the introvert, Guy Standing sitting

January 11, 2017

From Julie S. and Freaking News: Mountains, a forest, a lake, and a flying beaver with a Canada flag! Dilbert: “Do you have plans for the weekend?” Asok: “No, I’m an introvert. I’ll probably experience despair and loneliness while being jealous of people who have substance abuse problems.” Dilbert: “Yeah, me too.” Asok: “This conversation […]

Dekar in helicopter / Dawn from Save Incorporated is going on maternity leave?!

December 28, 2016

The Canucks played Los Angeles at 7 tonight, and won 2-1. After defeating Infina, Colin and Keri go to Andy Capp’s bar in Winnipeg, where they meet Dekar’s father Baxter. “Hello, Colin. I guess you heard about Dekar, huh?” Colin: “Hmm…” Colin thinking: “I’d better not tell him what really happened to Dekar.” Colin thinking: […]

The COGNITIVE DISSONANCE Paradox Ending / The WARRIOR DRAGON title screen

December 23, 2016

Since I got up at 6:40, it was COFFEE TIME! At 12:20, I called Chrystal to confirm our plans for tonight. They’re still on for once, haha! In the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE Paradox Ending (at least), the party (Alinivar / Colonel Saturn / Larice / Commander Niiue) are all stars! In the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE Paradox Ending, […]

Rescheduling with Chrystal, elf poop dollop on cookies, peeing before leaving

December 7, 2016

I called Chrystal at 10:15 to see if she wanted to reschedule our plans for Friday because of the weather forecast for more snow. I also told her what happened earlier today at the passport office – NO HITTING OR ABUSE! She understands my feelings on things, even if I was crying. I did say […]

A monkeybutt in WOW! / Full health and planned hotel stays / I AM ERROR!

November 15, 2016

The Canucks played the Rangers at 7 tonight, and lost 7-2. I had to ban someone from the Fearsome Canucks Fans because he tried to make the game result about Donald Trump, and then had to give up on playing DRAGOON X OMEGA because it glitched out every time I cast a Return spell and […]

Robots, Captain Drunk, no monsters, Soylent Green, sewage, geologists, cheese

November 14, 2016

This computer just restarted by itself! Colin, Keri, Xeria, and Lo Wang have robot bodies: Infina has been defeated! After defeating Infina, Colin and Keri stay overnight in Selkirk. The next day’s newspaper headline: “Captain Drunk beats EARTHBOUND hack after Saturday morning cartoons.” After defeating Infina, Colin and Keri stay overnight in Lockport. The next […]

You Are Not Special?! / Sleep Unit 4x3PC in Jimo / Latest Earth invasion plans

October 25, 2016

Nicole S. saw a library book with the title YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL AND OTHER ENCOURAGEMENTS. What?! While checking out what Jimo has to offer at the Denver cafĂ©, Jon Otis and Joe Scharfenberg come across its hotel. Sleep Unit 4x3PC says that Earth money is accepted… After Jon Otis and Joe Scharfenberg stay overnight […]