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Ocean’s Ginger-Lemon Sesame tuna snack, baked beans galore, Snickers, curry

September 23, 2020

After I had COFFEE TIME, Barry picked me up at 8:55 AM in the rainy weather and we went banking (no lineups!) and to Price Smart before making our next appointment for October 21. I got NEW Mr. Noodles Curry Chicken noodles x3, 48 Pepto-Bismol which expire in February 2022, Scaries / Scaero / Coffin […]

Alycesaundra, Kailia, Polo Sandoval, and Rosemary Gladstar?! / Aquamarine dragon

August 20, 2020

From Julie and TODDLERS AND TIARAS: Kelly is fine, but Alycesaundra?! BAD SPELLING of Alexandra or Alessandra! Bonus: Her TWIN is named Giavanna. From Julie and TODDLERS AND TIARAS: Marcy is fine, but KAILIA?! From Julie and her local news on CNN: Polo Sandoval is talking about coronavirus on the news?! From Julie: Rosemary Gladstar […]

Asian woman with a comb / Kym Whitley, Ault Hayden, Quinterious Feldder, Shade?!

August 2, 2020

Ayler called me at 7:15 (after I finished half my sushi tray) and I greeted him with: “If this is you, Ayler, you have ten minutes to talk.” Might as well get him used to different greetings! He asked what I did today, warning me that it would be a short call today. THAT’S TOTALLY […]

Swedish Meatballs! / Pennywise veggie tray! / Nash, Ashyr, and Sorella Jisele?!

July 27, 2020

I showered and did laundry, but thanks to an old lady neighbor, I had to throw out a red towel which might have been at risk of slight dampness! Stouffer’s Diner Classics for breakfast: Swedish Meatballs! From Julie: They said to bring a veggie tray, so I made one that resembled Pennywise the Clown! Veggiewise’s […]

Quarantini / Goths and fatally hot summer temperatures! / Krysee Altrows?!

July 20, 2020

This is an apt day to post the FATAL TO GOTHS picture. It’ll be 33 degrees soon! MAN! Quarantini: Four ounces vodka, one tablespoon Nyquil, garnish with one Tylenol PM and one multivitamin. Drink one every hour ALONE until the coronavirus pandemic passes. From Spoz and StareCat.com last November: Remember, summer temperatures can be fatal […]

Budget sushi with Goldfish crackers / TP for my bunghole / Yoga pants / Baileys!

April 9, 2020

Today is Maundy Thursday 2020. This morning, Jim let me know about an extra $290 in my bank account – AWESOME RELIEF MONEY FOR THE CORONAVIRUS EXPENSES! Mike thought I’d be going to the store for the third time in three days… HAHAHA, no! From Julie: Budget sushi with a goldfish cracker, a green Play-Doh […]

Turducken and Tofucken! / Turkey burgers are NOT turgers! TURDS! / Coronavirus!

February 5, 2020

COFFEE TIME and another phone intake interview with Jocelyn at CHIMO done as of 11:15 AM! From Serious Eats and my ex-friend Chris in 2008: Tofucken and Turducken and other interesting meat marriages! From Joe Bradburn on the Save-On Foods Facebook page on July 7, 2016: “In our house, we refer to turkey burgers as […]

KidsExchange?! Master Bait and Tackle?! / Caulk falling out?! / Too many genders

February 4, 2020

There was snow this morning at 11 AM! Of all the people, Auntie Vonnie texted me (at least identifying herself, unlike either of my parents) saying that the building insurance had expired as of January 4, so I had to call Hester to find out if I still needed it (yes), and then tell her […]

11 herbs and spices / Memories on stairs / Bunghole Liquors?! Hooker Cockram?!

February 1, 2020

COFFEE TIME! To my surprise, Andre (from Stryn, Norway) had reactivated his Facebook account for now to “stay in touch” with the Fearsome Canucks group, so I took advantage of it to untag / delete pics of him that I’d tagged. The Canucks played the Islanders today at 10 AM thanks to “lovely” East Coast […]

Dream Doughnuts! / Stuffed dragons! MINE! / Banana cream pie Hunt’s pudding!

January 28, 2020

Jon said he’d be home this afternoon since Harmony would be going to a school meeting, but I could still come by if I wanted. The last time I was around when she went to a meeting, Beckett was quite upset! I went anyway, of course. After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 3:15 on […]