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Booty Sweat and Bust-A-Nut, Cheddar Chipotle Sidekicks, coronavirus devil

May 2, 2020

From Reddit: At EXACTLY 7:17 PM, you are 69,420 seconds through the day. QUIRKY TIME COINCIDENCE! I finally blocked Kate on Discord – I don’t NEED to hear her TMI stories or her insufficient apologies with “lol” for the “leaf” comment with question marks blaming her offensive denseness on her autism! I especially don’t want […]

Things that offend people in 2015, abuse apologist bingo, Janice Tickle

June 17, 2017

Spongebob Squarepants with a huge encyclopedia: Things That Offend People: The 2015 edition! It’s even worse now in mid-2017! From Reddit: Enabler / Abuse Apologist Bingo! Taking just one square: If I don’t want to forgive someone for their treatment of me that’s affected my whole LIFE, that does not mean I’m a bad person! […]

HALLOW’S END Enemies, #1-94!

October 7, 2016

These are all the enemies I could find in the HALLOW’S END hack of EARTHBOUND. It mostly takes place on October 31, 2010. I used this Youtube playlist by thevoiceofdogSA as a walkthrough of sorts. To get out of Maysville: Go to the white house next to Mr. Error’s brown house. The woman inside will […]

No Monique Juniper! / All day in Langley?! / Clinics / Visiting beautiful countries / Harmonica!

July 15, 2015

I discovered that Monique Juniper (monsqueek / shrinkinghippo) had unfriended me on LJ, but that’s not a big deal at all. Krista and I made tentative Facebook message plans for Bard in the Valley in Langley next Thursday on the 23rd – she wants to go out all day?! Thrift stores, free plays, food options, […]

Doctor Unheimlich, Sl-So (Sorceress_Rin)

October 22, 2014

Doctor Unheimlich’s Disease Registry Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withSlaapliedje’s Disease Cause: mobile phone radiation Symptoms: drowsiness, ability to fly, flatulence, blocked nose Cure: take a hundred spoons of cod liver oil and come back in the morning Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withSlackanandaosis Cause: mosquito bite Symptoms: […]

Fucking literal bloody hell! / No more comforters! / What Holiday Parade Should You Attend?

September 21, 2014

FUCKING HELL! I woke up at 7 AM to a bloody mattress and a bloody white comforter! I took Advil and dealt with the mattress by flipping it over, and managed to cram the comforter into a washing machine upstairs since I didn’t have enough quarters to justify anything else. Of course, washing it didn’t […]

Awful 9-1 loss to Anaheim! / What Big US State Are You?

January 15, 2014

The Anaheim game was BRUTAL! It was 3-0 for the Ducks in the second when the Canucks pulled Eddie Lack, and went with the backup named Joacim Eriksson. Then it was 6-1 at the end of the second, thanks to a Kassian goal with 0.3 seconds left. By the halfway point of the third, it […]

Weekly tradition! / Yvonne / SOMETHING AWFUL / Stone statues!

September 1, 2012

I’ve missed the weekly tradition, and now that I have peace and quiet, I’ll go right back to it since it’s been way too long from late May to August… and I also included Chinese Eric on the FAT DRAGON email thread! Replied to Mandy’s emails this morning; yes, a certain person IS an idiot! […]

Yazmine, Gold Orb, Borongo, older self, pink death

August 27, 2012

Barry called me, so I updated him on the past month as I was going to last week. He says it’s horrible news – oh yes. Says I should call him tomorrow if I want to set up a shopping appointment, so I’ll do that. Also emailed Chinese Eric, heh. I’m having sudden flashbacks to […]

Yelping, Endor, Laurent, Strom, Taloon, RETURN, and more Ragnar!

August 20, 2012

I was responsible today, and paid my hydro bill. Cindy also replied to my “Happy Belated Birthday” email to thank me, and say that she’s been praying for Grandma – that’s what I’d expect, haha. Alena, Cristo, and Brey meet Ragnar near Endor’s Travel Door: Chanting “Return” doesn’t work in Endor at the end of […]