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White diamonds, calling Nina, plans / Glitter! / what I would do

May 31, 2006

White diamonds achieved today so far: * I got my first white diamond in Bookworm by using two blue tiles / sapphires in the word “gay,” then used it in the word “koi.” * I got another white diamond by using three yellow / gold tiles in the word “sei,” then used it in the […]

Shiny corsets, cyncism, private parts, and implicit association tests

May 31, 2006

Here are some more Harvard Implicit Association Tests on Natives / Whites, skin tone, gender-science, sexuality, age, weapons, race, gender-career, disability, weight, and Canadians / Americans. Harvard Implicit Association Tests I did the Natives implicit association test at Harvard. You have completed the Native Am.-White Am. IAT. The line immediately below summarizes the results of […]

Top 40 Guitarists, #1-20

May 31, 2006

Follow-up to this post: A while ago, the local classic rock station (Rock 101) asked the listeners to participate in an online poll about whom we felt should be included in a list of the top 40 guitarists of all time. Here is the top half of the list, according to the Legends of Classic […]

More family drama

May 30, 2006

I just called my mom to make sure I had accurate facts for an online survey I plan to post later. Neither of my siblings had real opposite-sex alternatives for their names, but they did have other same-sex alternatives! My name could be used for both boys and girls, so my parents went with it […]

Nina plans / Occasion music meme

May 30, 2006

Nina messaged me on YM again to say that she’s decided to pick up her Jericho Beach running package on Thursday, so we exchanged phone numbers. She says we’ll have to meet for coffee after 4 PM, which is just fine with me! It’s more doable, given the way my sleeping schedule has been since […]

Ice Cream / Birthday Deaths / Many Smileys / 71-Question Survey

May 30, 2006

Note: LJ Secret Ninja Friends / LJ Missing Friends / LJ Cast of Invader Zim blogquizzes. (by Laurene, Mike, and Sarah Elaine Ramirez) I should buy Ben and Jerry’s Vermonty Python ice cream next time I go to Save-On Foods. I’m sure I’ve seen that new flavor around, and want some before it goes out […]

Nina’s son, tag editing, Blogger comments, quizzes

May 29, 2006

Hey, Nina actually messaged me about her son Dylan! He’s almost two years old, and his birthday is July 15. She wondered whether I remembered her… of *course* I do! Says he has the flu, but is better than this morning. She mentioned that she’s busy with work and this weekend’s 10K walk at Jericho […]

Nothing is really private, is it? / Smileys

May 29, 2006

I thought I’d made a decision for good, but looking at a certain message, I’m not so sure anymore. Am I supposed to feel bad that someone figured out what the post was about? I have no idea… it’s not like I haven’t been venting here and elsewhere for the past week! I did think […]

Autosaves, white diamonds, getting borked, going back to Our Place, quizzes

May 29, 2006

Note: LJ Stranded / LJ Awesome Final Fantasy Adventure of a Lifetime / LJ Robotech cast members / LJ Swingers Quiz / Next LJ American Idol blogquizzes. (by Mike, Jamie, and Akari) Thank goodness for the autosave function on LJ, since my browser decided to do something funny a few minutes ago. That resulted in […]

A staggering number of tags / CSI / Survey

May 28, 2006

I spent some time catching up on internet stuff (including Phil’s blog), then the family had dinner and then watched an episode of CSI where the biological father (Sam Braun) of one of the investigators (Catherine) murdered a waitress with a pair of scissors since she was cheating on him. According to my sister, Sam […]