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Aundrea Scott Smith, Ingee Appolon, Wahabah Hadia Al Muid, and Tesser Kahn

November 13, 2017

From Not Always Right: Aundrea Scott Smith?! It should have been spelled ANDREA… plus, it reminds me of doing laundry! From Not Always Right: Ingee Appolon?! From Not Always Right: Wahabah Hadia Al Muid is a girl?! From Not Always Right: Tesser Kahn?! That reminds me of a tesseract! Advertisements

Love In The Time Of Cholesterol?! / MANIFOLD DESTINY?! / 450 Facebook friends!

July 28, 2017

LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLESTEROL?! MANIFOLD DESTINY?! The one! The only! GUIDE TO COOKING ON YOUR CAR ENGINE?! I’ve made 450 Facebook friends! Andrea in 2007, Chrissy in 2008, Julie S. in 2008, Holly in 2011, Pete in 2012, Dustin in 2013, Mikki in 2013, Michelle S. in 2014, and John Powell in 2015!

Funny names from the 2017 NFL Draft!

April 28, 2017

Zachary Paul added me on Facebook – DENIED! I got most of these from The Blog of Funny Names! Cordrea Tankersley?! He also has a brother named Cordarius… Vidaunte “Taco” Charlton?! Tanoh Kpassagnon?! Cooper Kupp?! Praise Martin-Oguike?! Budda Baker?! Channing Stribling?! Tau Lotulelai?! Leo Koloamatangi?! Phazahn Odom?! Obi Melinfonwu?! Amba Etta-Tawo?! JuJu Smith-Schuster?! Takkarist McKinley?! […]

Elaine, hot tea and hotties, cilli beep, carlic beep, peppar chicken

March 27, 2017

As planned, Elaine called me at 4:40 today. I was surprised to see a 603 area code / phone number, but I knew she was going to call. We talked about Steph, Ayler, Hiero, Fraser, her kid Josh, swimming lessons, her husband Matt, their getting together with a lot of Vancouver friends, Chuck and Andrea […]

Penne and chocolate! / POKEMON GO on toilet! / Choking on the devil’s cob?!

August 9, 2016

I left for Harmony’s at 3:30 with my Ritter Sport Buttermilk Lemon chocolate pieces (which the boys seemed to like later on), and got there at 3:45 after stopping by Shoppers Drug Mart to buy some on-sale Chewy Chips Ahoy. A pair of shorts outside was blocking the door, but it was reasonable to dry […]

Martin Havlat is sleeping! / Floandsim Snook? / Semen Pavlichenko / Andreas Wank

June 4, 2016

The microbeads in this Yellow Raspberry Dial hand soap are very interesting! Hee hee – I love quirky things! As I thought, Harmony wants me to go away in the afternoon for a couple of hours so that everyone else can nap before dinner. If the weather stays as sunny as it is now (and […]

Steele-Bowles, Short-Lane, Kohn-Pullen, and other bad hyphenated names!

March 2, 2016

Steele-Bowles! Short-Lane! Kohn-Pullen! Gentle-Gurley! Gay-Cox! Rider-Moore! Green-Wille! Mann-Butts! Moist-Box! Dickie-Peters! Stout-Johnson! Fedder-Good! Wright-Tingle! Hazard-Dick!

MY BIRTHDAY! / Tracie, Christon, Kathy, Sabrina, Martin D., and Andrea

September 17, 2015

YAY! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! 😀 😀 😀 Tracie (angelize) added me to Facebook from Our Place yesterday afternoon, so that’s a good thing at least! Christon emailed me to say that he couldn’t make it to the Cactus Club on Saturday. Kathy messaged me on Facebook about Sabrina being stressed out, and how she wanted […]

REDDIT GOLD?! / Ayler’s anger and Hiero’s silliness! / Lazy Sunday nachos!

August 19, 2015

I went on Reddit since I couldn’t sleep early last night, and left a bunch of comments, one of them wishing someone (bbetty) a Happy Cake Day. (Happy Reddit birthday / anniversary) A few minutes later, I was NOT expecting to get Reddit Gold for a limited time (money which supports the site if you […]

Staples: Z-Grip pens, and a decent scientific calculator WITH batteries! / Casio calculators

June 23, 2015

Michelle’s given birth to a boy named Spencer, and Andrea’s given birth to a baby boy. I called the pharmacy next door to pick up my birth control prescription, and made a post on the Facebook wall for Staples to inquire whether their scientific calculators included batteries. They said that all of them did, and […]