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Chinese bus tour is now OVER!

August 31, 2004

the Chinese bus tour is now over.. I thought it was okay.. now I can get to what I love doing the best 😉 went around to all these cities for 20 minutes each.. lots of hotels, and riding in the tour bus for hours.. it was definitely an experience, and one I’ll remember!

Stinky tour bus washrooms are not good!

August 29, 2004

I’ve been busy on the typical Chinese bus tour: where you go to lots of places in a week, and start early every day.. bought postcards for five selected people, including someone who sounded very surprised when I called him from Dartmouth 😉 sure, I’ve been doing my share of grousing about the trip.. but […]

Little dragons in Chinatown / Quizzes

August 24, 2004

today went all right, as we actually went to Chinatown.. maybe I’ll get a little dragon there next week, since I want one now.. Michael doesn’t have to send me one if possible! we’re leaving at 6 AM tomorrow on the Chinese bus tour.. I don’t know how well I can handle that, but I […]

Email exchanges are interesting! / Quizzes

August 23, 2004

the flight into Toronto was okay.. watched MEAN GIRLS and SHREK II in-flight, and struggled with my headset.. met Melissa’s parents and brother, who seem very nice.. it was interesting to see Steph again for sure.. having “email exchange” with someone is very good.. we’ll get introduced to Toronto daytime traffic tomorrow.. going to UTM […]

Last entry till sometime in September!

August 22, 2004

Quick update: I had much fun at the greasy Bon’s Breakfast this morning, talked to a bunch of people at church about my trip, signed up for yet another year of helping with the kids at Awana on Saturdays, and then had lunch (half-price pizza and some beer) with my brother / Jeremy / Tally […]

Seeing Karen at the dentist office / Quizzes

August 21, 2004

saw Karen at the dentist’s office.. a filling went wrong.. had steak for dinner again.. when did I get so expensive? heard Billy, Randal, and Andy share with us.. yay! talked to Tim, Maxine, Andy, Phil, Randal, Lesley, Derek, and Joe: mostly about my trip, plus updates.. Randall wondered when I’d share with everyone.. later? […]

Stumping someone very badly, mwahahaha! / Quizzes

August 20, 2004

don’t have too much to say right about now.. except that I am stumping someone very badly, mwahahaha! feeling ambivalent about the upcoming trip.. no posts here or anywhere else for two weeks, mind you.. here are a couple of sites to tide you over for now.. Mental Floss and Condensed Knowledge.. see ya later, […]

Downtown construction / Quizzes

August 19, 2004

not at Shannon’s now because the bus re-routed itself.. I didn’t know about it until it was too late to go back.. there’s a lot of downtown construction, plus escalators.. was determined not to waste the trip out, so had a BP steak once I got into Richmond.. didn’t think of calling her till I […]

Getting my final hangouts in this week

August 18, 2004

spent the afternoon with Yazmine before I have to leave.. I’m like Jon, getting our final hangouts in this week.. went to Granville Sushi for lunch, and then spent about two hours at the Book Warehouse.. like I told her: once you get me in certain places with lots of books and reading material, you […]

I sound like an utter idiot on the phone….

August 18, 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CINDY.. I hope you have a good one today! 🙂 It’s been terrific knowing you.. have fun in Chicago! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARREN.. I hope you have a really good one today! 🙂 It’s been interesting knowing you since babyhood. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FIDELA.. I hope you have a really awesome one today! 🙂 Babyhood […]