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Milk for adults, beer for babies! / April Bubble Tea Tally / Finished DRAGON QUEST V

April 30, 2012

Today, I had to unfriend Leonard because he keeps on adding me to hockey groups without my permission. I finally beat Mildrath and finished DRAGON QUEST V (which took me a couple of weeks to play) tonight at 6:30! SO GLAD! I did get chills when the main character’s parents reunited in Heaven. Now, I […]

"JOY COOKIES!" / Meta DRAGON WARRIOR (game and enemy)

April 29, 2012

While I was buying and selling items in my game (am up to Faerie Village!), I talked to James about MORROWIND / SKYRIM / Youtube videos / Pokemon / VECTORMAN (a game from his childhood) / HIS “Dallas the person” (even though the ugfart and I never see or hear from Dallas Wu anymore) / […]

Unaffordable things, DOODY, Taiwan, Western-style foods

April 29, 2012

On MSN, Eric M. asked if I were going to church tomorrow; once I heard about his “website / Fellowship meetings,” I wasn’t really interested since I CAN’T AFFORD TO EVEN JOIN THEM RIGHT NOW. Then he asked about my “date” (he’s joking, I think?) with Chinese Eric last week, excluding the Canucks losing the […]


April 28, 2012

I found NAUGHTY UNDERWEAR in the Castle of Granvania! HAHAHAHA! It makes monsters forget to attack, which is AWESOME!

Carlos, religious commercials, PARKS AND RECREATION character, Ziploc bag paranoia

April 27, 2012

Carlos Mendoza (one of Chrissy’s friends) wanted to add me, presumably because I said I wasn’t wearing any pants in her status update which stated that SHE was wearing pants, so goodnight. I don’t THINK so! I was paranoid and put EVERYTHING in Ziploc bags for the Vegas trip: lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitizer, […]

70 TV Tropes tabs, Ryan, Chuck, Siobhan, Chinese Eric, and crushed feelings

April 27, 2012

Ryan said hi to me via FB message; good to hear from him! Chuck also sent me a FB message, thanking me for my “happy birthday” wishes. Then Siobhan sent me a FB message with her home and work addresses since I said that I’d picked up some Canucks lip balm for her; Billie LIKED […]

NOBODY calls me "Les"! / Bruins out, racist fans, and family vacation HELL in a dream

April 26, 2012

THE BOSTON BRUINS GOT ELIMINATED IN A GAME 7 IN OVERTIME BY THE WASHINGTON CAPITALS… YES! THIS IS AWESOME KARMA! The Bruins do have racist fans, if they call Joel Ward the “N word,” and claim not to know who Willie O’Ree is! They’ve just released a statement saying the team doesn’t condone the behavior, […]

BAGS RIPPING / Unopened packages / Heavy apple juice

April 25, 2012

After having some dumplings for breakfast and getting sucked into TV Tropes, I went out in the rain to do some banking (got $60 for parental Vegas funds), get mango BBT from Big Orange, and buy iced tea / pink Excel gum (one new pack for my trip, and one for myself) / lotion (new […]

DRAGON QUEST birth storyline in dreams!

April 25, 2012

I was responsible and paid the hydro / Internet bills just now. Now, time to do some banking! (I will NOT go shopping… I will NOT go shopping… well, except maybe noodles, gum, lotion, and light bulbs…) I had a weird dream in which I was fairly pregnant and walking down a neon-covered gambling strip […]

Vegas, sex, Metal Slimes, Jesse, changes

April 24, 2012

Talked to David S. (omni_sinrilus) on AIM last night about a number of things: Vegas and what might happen there, personal stuff, Color Me Badd’s I WANNA SEX YOU UP, Latour’s PEOPLE ARE STILL HAVING SEX, making me happy, and more… always interesting! I’m glad I know him! Tomorrow, I’m going to have to buy […]