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Mark Redwine and Dylan Redwine?! Yay for a cool last name!

July 3, 2020

From Scary Mysteries: Mark Redwine and Dylan Redwine?! COOL LAST NAME!

Ryne Hager?! IT’S RYAN! Modifying your Roomba to swear when it bumps into shit?!

June 14, 2020

From Android Police on May 5, 2019: Ryne Hager?! BAD SPELLING OF RYAN!


June 6, 2020

PRODUCT WARNING: No more Aero Dark Cherry Truffle chocolate bars! The chocolate-cherry combination is GROSS! Even the Porta Amarena Cherry chocolate bar tastes way better and isn’t so intense! From Youtube: Heyzel Obando?! BAD SPELLING OF HAZEL! It’s phonetic! UGH! There’s a city called Xenia in Ohio?!

Uncle Ben’s long wild herb rice, Tylee Ryan, Orrin cyborg, CreeAnn Pleggenkuhle

May 21, 2020

TODAY IS DEFENESTRATION DAY 2020! Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Herb rice! From Julie, Reddit, and r/TrueCrimeDiscussion: Joshua is obviously fine, but Tylee Ryan?! Kid, you have a bad mother, too! From Julie M. and DR. PHIL: Orrin says he’s a cyborg from the year 2050?! Funny React Couch reaction video via James. From […]

Deliberately leaving things around to trip on?! / Blocking people for fun?! NO!

May 3, 2020

The kids called me at 6:45 to scream-sing a song about (as far as I can tell) licking bums or nicking bums, and asked me inappropriate questions about whether I’d like to see Jon peeing. No, thank you! Then Ayler asked if I would eat a whole pie (which Hiero said they were having for […]

BLIND SPOT is not an ableist term! How stupid! / Mamee Vegetarian Noodles!

April 29, 2020

Did laundry today. Had to take someone else’s load out of the dryer so I could start mine on time. Came back to a printed note: “Please don’t grab my stuff out of the dryer when I’m five minutes late!” Well, maybe you should be ON TIME since other people need to use the coin […]

This HOW TO SLEEP book worked for me! / Spelling NICE as NYC?! / Mandeep Singh?!

April 16, 2020

From James: Well, I’m sold. HOW TO SLEEP is the best fucking book ever! Being me, I had to edit a comma in with MS Paint. From the comments on a Nav photo on Feb. 4, 2019: “Nice” should NOT be spelled as NYC! I know typing on mobile is a pain in the ass, […]

No Shiwa! / Functioning adults! / Lorenzen and Sherra Wright? / Harvest Chicken!

April 14, 2020

I discovered redrum today – UGH! I also officially left Shiwa’s Discord server. Too bad for them! They won’t have the Fire Dragon anymore! Went to the pharmacy next door at 11 now that they’re actually OPEN to refill my prescription and buy some extra-strength Tylenol (100 tablets) for $16.79 in case I need to […]

Computer mouse and keyboard, Z-Grip pens, hand sanitizer, MY DARK VANESSA

April 10, 2020

48 Z-Grip Pens (December 18, 2019) from Staples while I was out anyway / a backup K120 USB keyboard, a backup Certified Data Deluxe Optical mouse, 2000 Flushes with Chlorine, Paul Newman’s Alfredo sauce for next year, London Naturals unscented dish soap, Vim bathroom cleaner from London Drugs / half-price JOY dumplings x4 (Pork and […]

A colorful griffin! / Cao Starvingbase Chongqing noodles! / KIRIN and Angelika?!

April 2, 2020

From Julie: A colorful griffin! Cao Starvingbase Chongqing noodle pack! Cao Starvingbase Chongqing spicy noodles with sesame seeds! The orange Cao Starvingbase Chongqing noodle detailed lid! Cao Starvingbase Chongqing noodles… HOO! Noodle mascot guy! Since it’s not dirty, I’m keeping it in my wallet. From Julie and GORDON RAMSEY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL AND BACK: […]