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What’s Your Medieval Name? Mine is Eleanor Tudor! I like this name generator!

May 4, 2020

From Medieval Fayre: What’s Your Medieval Name? Mine is Eleanor Tudor! Name generator!

Delicious Peters?! / Adam, Mashi, N’Kyrah, Tanesha, Shameya, and Shasta?!

July 23, 2018

Delicious Peters?! From Julie: Adam is fine, but Mashi and N’Kyrah?! From Julie: Lewis is fine, but Tanesha?! From Julie: Shameya?! I know it’s not “shame ya,” but that’s what I can’t help reading every time I come across this name! From Julie: Shasta?! Like the pop?!

British baby names from 1861!

June 29, 2017

From Reddit: British baby names from 1861! Last names are in parentheses. BOYS: Abijah Edwin, Algernon Angell James, Anchor Thomas (Carrier), Aquilla Cornelius, Arthur Nehemiah, Augustus Adalbert Evelyn, Carnavon Lewis, Charles Hercules Mylz, Clarence Alured, Demas Joseph, Edinborough, Enos Ezra, Epiphany Cole Grose, Fitzroy Chichester, Foxcrowle Percival, Fray Mohawk, Galenus George, Granville Montague, Homer Christopher, […]

Arborio rice and mushroom risotto, emotions, the path to success, Jarome Iginla

May 27, 2017

I once showed my ex-friend Laura C. this picture of arborio rice being used in mushroom risotto! From Reddit and Robin Grille’s HEART TO HEART PARENTING: Time and time again, children are heavily reprimanded for committing the offense of crying or being angry. Let’s get this straight: emotions are not bad behavior. Emotions don’t hurt […]


December 10, 2016

These are all the enemies I could find in the ARN’S WINTER QUEST: GWAY EDITION hack of EARTHBOUND by Toby Fox, aka Radiation. I used this Youtube playlist by SkullKid3 as a walkthrough. NOTE: Make sure that Dog has the Awesome Shades, Arn has the Cool Sombrero, and Ness has the Awesome Hat. Press the […]

Jekyel Ann Heid, Dingle Foot, Seymour Cocks, Ryan Temple, Pat Klemmensen

September 24, 2016

Jekyel Ann Heid?! From Reddit: Dingle Foot?! From Reddit: Seymour Cocks?! My ex-friend Pat Klemmensen! My ex-friend Ryan Temple!

SJW, dead baby Monster, Dick Spray, dead Satan, Arthur Spanks his wife Katherine

September 2, 2016

Vanessa showed me this Youtube video of a very offended SJW who didn’t like her Lyft driver’s Hawaiian dashboard doll. Just don’t do the drinking game in the author’s comments! Steph called me, so I called her back a little later. I told her about the Richmond World Festival in Minoru Park tomorrow, the on-sale […]

6/10/2016, Jaypee Philbert, Zillion Wong, Amin Yashed, Dossy Noah, gay marriage

June 10, 2016

rom Pete and The Celtic Witch: Today is a unique day! 6/10/2016! Jaypee Philbert?! There’s a local guy named Zillion Wong?! Amin Yashed?! (I’m in your shed) Dossy Noah?! (does he know her?) That special moment when FoxNews.com uses a photo of a married couple promoting “traditional marriage,” and the photo is actually of a […]

Pate NOT on sale! / Cursing in FINAL FANTASY 3?! / Salsa, Fassad, and crying

March 28, 2016

I did some laundry tonight, too. However, I thought I was going crazy because my token and money somehow seemed to fall out of my pocket before I’d even left the apartment… what the?! As seen on the Safeway Facebook page: This Freybe liver pate is NOT on sale! $5.69 is not a sale if […]

Happy Easter! / A rare Onion sword from a rare red dragon! / A winner is you!

March 27, 2016

HAPPY EASTER! Even the Easter Bunny has to take a poop break sometime! (I got this from Reddit’s Photoshop Battles subreddit) I got a rare ONION SWORD from a rare RED DRAGON in FINAL FANTASY III and the Crystal / Sylx Tower! From PRO WRESTLING: “A winner is you!”