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PINK bags, bullying, baby toys, fontina cheese poutine

February 29, 2012

Note: Your LiveJournal Future Blogquiz, by Ashlee. I went out to Lansdowne, but had no choice but to buy carrying bags with PINK on them since Winners didn’t have anything else… and this on Anti-Bullying Day, too! Good thing it wasn’t the dominant color (that would be green / brown), but I got three of […]

2-1 shootout loss in Phoenix / James and feeling better / Molly

February 28, 2012

Tonight was the Vancouver debut of Pahlsson and Kassian, so I got to see what they could do… scoring chances are good! The game went into overtime and then another shootout, thanks to Ray Whitney tying it up in the third. It turned out to be a 2-1 shootout loss. Oh well, can’t win ’em […]

Zapping / February 2012 BBT Tally / Flaming Wok / Strawberry Melon

February 28, 2012

For some reason, I had the national anthem stuck in my head for a short time. I decided that a Bourbon chicken / mixed vegetables / Szechuan beef / noodles takeout meal from Flaming Wok would be better for my budget than steak, and also got a blueberry bubble tea from Big Orange. Then I […]

Mt. Sperling and two nephews in the snow (dream) / Fugitive and double LIFE

February 28, 2012

Had a dream about my brother’s baby looking just like him when he was a kid, and a double of that baby boy. I needed to juggle two strollers on transit while Jon and Harmony went to shop at a glizy mall. Then I went with the babies to Mt. Sperling station in the snow […]

Swarming bugs / CODY HODGSON TRADED?! / Blue Dragons! / Chrystal

February 27, 2012

Had a dream with black bugs swarming EVERYWHERE… UGH! Today is trade deadline day – CODY HODGSON TRADED TO BUFFALO?! WTF?! (Nathan had the same reaction… it’ll make Saturday’s game more interesting) Called Chrystal at work to see when she wanted to get together: this Saturday afternoon before Awana AND the hockey game works better, […]

Vicky, Talia, and Chinese Eric (book update and smiling!)

February 26, 2012

For some reason, Vicky unfriended me on Facebook. Whatever! Talked briefly to Talia on AIM, too. Also called Chinese Eric, and talked to him briefly about those Canucks books I saw at Chapters last week (“thanks for the UPDATE!” “OF COURSE!”), that heartbreaker of a Dallas hockey game, whether Jon mentioned bumping into him at […]

Feeling better, Aaron, Christine, AGM, 3-2 loss, and snow

February 26, 2012

I feel better right now about things, which is good…. but now I have nobody to talk with about stuff! UGH! Aaron C. and Christine B. wanted to add me to Facebook – oh, the Puckheads and Canucks fan pages! Taught Troy about typing out emoticons in FB messages, too. Benedict, Vania, Martin, Edmond, and […]

Clemens, Troy, BAD Translink, Pete, Eric, and losses

February 25, 2012

Note to self: Despite what the Translink website may say, the C94 does NOT show up much on the weekend / Saturdays in general. Fuck waiting for ages (almost an HOUR in the cold?!) at the bus stop with a billion library books! After a few exchanged messages about Canucks hockey and such, Clemens W. […]

Richmond Sushi, new purses, Wayne x2, weird words, and entertaining stories

February 24, 2012

Decided that my new Fred Mayer purse was perfect for Richmond Sushi, haha. I met Wayne in the yellow Jeep; on the way over, I entertained them with my crazy stories about Mom (Vanessa asked about those conversation snippets!) when we weren’t talking about hockey / directions / jerseys / Canucks #1 / the Maple […]

Snow, Richmond Sushi, weekly tradition, and signs coming true

February 24, 2012

I’ve heard it snowed around here, but not in Richmond. Had a busy afternoon with the weekly tradition and the hockey game! Vanessa got on MSN after apparently trying to call me multiple times, and said that she and Wayne would pick me up at about 8:30 for Richmond Sushi. Yes, I have my priorities […]