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The (Hard Knock) Life of a Facebook Photo! / Cody and Corey Manyshots?!

July 9, 2017

From Candy: The (Hard Knock) Life of a Facebook Photo! Brought to you by Pixable! How did you take the picture? With a film camera: What a hipster. Ha! Now you have to get it developed! Don’t get it digital: You can’t tag people on prints! Get it digital: It’s a 21st century thing. Ask […]

Harmony’s birthday dinner! Stout, cheese, the time, train rides, and more!

March 19, 2017

After COFFEE TIME, I left at 5:10 to make it to Oakridge in time for Harmony’s family birthday dinner. Of course I had the limited-edition ketchup Doritos chips, a birthday card, the Lindt white chocolate truffles, and the Bija direct trade organic chocolate x2 (Peruvian Incaberry / Cayenne and Wild Ginger) for Harmony’s birthday. When […]

Excrement in the Late Middle Ages! / My Reddit comment about white poop!

March 19, 2017

From Buzzfeed: Excrement in the Late Middle Ages: Sacred Filth and Chaucer’s Fecopolitics?! My most-upvoted Reddit comment from January 29, 2015 is about white poop! 😀

Flying Men in ARN’S WINTER QUEST Magicant / Hey, I’m going to the bathroom here!

March 19, 2017

There is only one working Flying Man in this version of Magicant, possibly because the ARN’S WINTER QUEST party isn’t solo. Here is the one Flying Man with the ARN’S WINTER QUEST party. Before going up to the Selkirk hilltop in COLINBOUND 2, Colin sees this guy behind a tree. Guy: “If you haven’t figured […]

Quadruplet comments, five-ply ASS WIPES toilet paper, dragon guitar, kidnapping

April 13, 2016

I got a blog comment from a quadruplet! One of the Smythe quadruplets – whose birthday is today – commented on one of my Quadruplet posts! It was Corey; not Justin, Ashley, or Tiffany! Vinesauce Joel EARTHBOUND stream Five-ply ASS WIPES toilet paper! I WANT THIS DRAGON GUITAR! Have you ever loved someone so much […]

DRAGON QUEST III SNES Enemies, #1-146!

March 18, 2016

This is a complete enemy list for DRAGON QUEST III for the SNES. This walkthrough helped a lot – thanks, Stahlbaum!this enemy list and this enemy area document helped as well. Chronological Order: 3, 1, 2. ZOMA CASTLE STAIRWAY: If you search the floor above the right throne (three squares up and one square left […]

Steele-Bowles, Short-Lane, Kohn-Pullen, and other bad hyphenated names!

March 2, 2016

Steele-Bowles! Short-Lane! Kohn-Pullen! Gentle-Gurley! Gay-Cox! Rider-Moore! Green-Wille! Mann-Butts! Moist-Box! Dickie-Peters! Stout-Johnson! Fedder-Good! Wright-Tingle! Hazard-Dick!

Heavy metal Christmas, Anurag Dikshit, Mrs. Rape, Rusty Kuntz x2

November 29, 2015

Heavy metal Christmas: Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Kerry King, Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield (?), Corey Taylor, and someone else. Anurag Dikshit! Mrs. Rape is a kindergarten teacher! Rusty Kuntz used to play baseball for the Minnesota Twins! This Rusty Kuntz lives in Honolulu!

Poppy quarters, celebrating the 4th of July, Tequila, Laura’s real lobster sub

July 2, 2015

I found a poppy quarter in my change, so of course I had to keep that! You Should Go to a Parade You love a good holiday like the 4th of July, and you love to celebrate with other people. Especially if they’re doing the hardcore celebrating. You don’t need a lot of fuss on […]

Lena, Corey, bikinis, ski jackets, Samantha, jealousy, eco-friendly shoes

June 20, 2015

Lena posted on Facebook at 4:45, confused about what clothing she should pack and wear for a July trip to Colorado (Estes Park and Fort Collins) to meet her boyfriend Christian’s family. I said that I’d ask my Fort Collins friend and get back to her, but that a response might take a while as […]