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Danny Belch, Don Madlung, Brandi Blue, Carolyn Foot, Kit Woof, Samuel Boys

October 19, 2017

GREEN TEA TIME! The Canucks played the Bruins at 4 today, and lost 6-3, no thanks to a BAD ten-minute (game?) misconduct in the first period which led to three Boston power play goals (two in 23 seconds) – BAD GUDBRANDSON! From Not Always Right: Danny Belch?! From Not Always Right: Don Madlung?! So are […]

Shannon Necole Walker, Jill Joiner, Danyele Thompson, Mandy Sprinklemist McNalis

September 28, 2017

The Canucks had Pre-Season Game #7 against the Flames tonight at 7, and won 3-1! From Not Always Right: Shannon Necole Walker?! That’s not how you spell NICOLE! From Not Always Right: Jill Joiner?! I wanna join, hahaha! From Not Always Right: Danyele Thompson?! That isn’t how you spell DANIELLE! Did her parents yell at […]

Draci A. Marcantel, Samii Birdsall, Heather Peacock, Dhani Rose Caldwell

September 22, 2017

DOUBLE COFFEE TIME! The Canucks had Pre-Season Game #5 against Edmonton tonight at 6, and lost 5-3. From Not Always Right: Draci A. Marcantel?! Shouldn’t that be DARCI? It also reminds me of DRACO, hahaha! From Not Always Right: Samii Birdsall?! Shouldn’t that be SAMI as in DAYS OF OUR LIVES? From Not Always Right: […]

Rainy is a human?! / Holden Johnson?! / A huge sushi boat from Reddit and Lucas!

May 11, 2017

I had a headache today and had to abandon my Tomato Alfredo lunch in favor of a nap at 12. At least I felt better at 3! Then I got email: Jon thinks that there’s a family dinner on Monday at their place. Apparently, there’s going to be a lunch tomorrow at the lards’ place […]

Lunch with Vanessa / There is no one to talk to here! / Two bathrooms in Selkirk

December 14, 2016

I had coffee before meeting Vanessa for running errands (Lee Valley Tools / slippers at Mark’s Work Wearhouse / my buying milk and grape seed oil seaweed eventually at IGA) and having some noodles for lunch at 11 at Kwong Chow since she was in Richmond early for a surgeon’s appointment at 3:30. Yes, I […]

OREGON TRAIL starting screen, OREGON TRAIL Willamette Valley, talking stones

December 10, 2016

Vanessa and I discussed plans for Wednesday on Facebook messenger: evading Hester, possibly going to Danny’s Wun Tun House at Ironwood at about 1, my parking pass, and more. OREGON TRAIL starting screen! Congratulations! You have made it to the end of OREGON TRAIL: Willamette Valley, Oregon! You’re old when getting to this screen was […]

Bumquesha, Danny Boffin, Evermoney, Quafikquah, Quinntekwa, Tu-Morrow, Zeronika

October 18, 2016

I called Barry at 12:45, and he called me back at 1 – next Wednesday at 1:30 (later than usual – YAY!) sounds like a good time for food shopping! I went to the pharmacy next door at 2 to pick up my pills before buying stuff at London Drugs. To my relief, I found […]

Fartkontrol, temptation, Danny Invincible, Silverberry Mouhon, Vanessa Ontario!

April 7, 2016

Carlota Lutty and Devyn Davys added me to Facebook – DENIED! From Rock 101: Fartkontrol?! Lead me not into temptation… oh, hell. Just follow me… I know a shortcut. Danny Invincible?! Silverberry Mouhon?! Dreamius Smith?! I sent this Vanessa, Ontario picture to Vanessa C., who thought it was neat!

Blowing bubbles, Walmart rollbacks of $1, Brock Lee, Danny Shittu, Liam Tancock

January 20, 2016

After leaving the library yesterday, I got on-sale lime and black pepper Miss Vickie’s chips, on-sale Sidekicks x2 (Sour Cream and Chives / Creamy Bacon Carbonara), on-sale peanut butter and white chocolate store brand cookies, and NEW on-sale candy cane / white chocolate squares from the nearby Shoppers Drug Mart, which is now open 24 […]

Suspicious Tea! / Santa Wii / DQ Blizzards / DILDO dolls in Santa’s workshop?!

December 25, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE! By using the code 02004224:XX, and replacing XX with a certain value, the first item in Lucas’s inventory will be replaced with an item that goes unused. BA gives you the Suspicious Tea. The Suspicious Tea deals 75-85 HP of damage to a single enemy, and can be bought for 20 DP. […]