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Colorful rainbow dragon, brown dragon with flowers, red blue dragon phone cases

September 14, 2020

When I got up this morning, it definitely smelled like smoke all through the apartment – UGH! Ayler called me at 6:35, and told me that the wildfire haze had made it all the way to Calgary. I wouldn’t be surprised, and told him that I had been there once via bus. He wondered how […]

Troy Anthony, Chantelle, YU-GI-OH white dragon card, Chinese New Year 2020 Mouse

September 5, 2020

Troy Anthony unfriended me on my XENIA alterego. Meh, I care not. Eric Ho texted me to say that he hopes he heals in time for a hangout for my birthday, and knows that “E. Whitty” (probably white Eric even though he isn’t BLACK!) is happy today on his own birthday. Well, I hope so, […]

Quaker cocoa and sea salt oatmeal, and FINALLY A HOCKEY HANGOUT WITH ERIC HO!

August 14, 2020

“I got my 40th birthday wish – more hangout time with my GOOD FRIEND!” “I liked the way you put it. I could see the Asian old lady shopping cart in my head!” WOO! COFFEE TIME AND SHOWER TIME! Eric Wicks (Adam / Wilf / Robert as mutual friends) and Nicole Borthwick (Pete / Eve […]

Pasta sauce, Mom losing it, dementia, SportsChek, NOT BACK TOGETHER WITH MIKE!

August 13, 2020

Steph sent me a short video over Facebook of Fraser thanking me for his birthday card and stickers while chewing on food and playing with Henry. CUTE! Mom texted me at 12:40 to say that she and Dad would be here in seven minutes. I ignored it as usual. When Dad called a few minutes […]

Bacardi, Strongbow, Wychwood, NEW stove drip pans, curry lamb, MyKuali noodles

August 10, 2020

Today is National Smores Day! I showered and left at 11:50, just missing BOTH the 401 and 414! I guess I then had plenty of time to catch up on my texts at the bus stop and give Chinese Eric and Jon the longer responses they deserved. Yes, I agree that white Eric is probably […]

ShaMichael Manuel, Sharkeisha Thomas, and Olevia Henderson?! / Wang On Blinds!

July 30, 2020

Mom decided to send me a barrage of text messages without identifying herself, and assuming I’d want to spend ANY time with her today with only five hours of notice. HA! Good thing I only check my phone when it’s convenient for ME! ShaMichael Manuel, Sharkeisha Thomas, and Olevia Henderson?! BAD SPELLING OF OLIVIA! Yes, […]

Reddit Helpful Award 1: Henrik, Daniel, and Jay Bouwmeester! / AWKWAFINA?!

July 24, 2020

My first Reddit Helpful Award on February 13, 2020, in r/hockey for a detailed explanation to Straight_Pasta of Henrik and Daniel Sedin’s jersey retirement ceremony, speech, and well-wishes to Jay Bouwmeester! From Julie: Rap artist Nora Lum got the nickname AWKWAFINA?! Like a badly-spelled version of Aquafina, the bottled water?!

Blogthings: Work from home, BRIDGET JONES, hands, fondues, love at first sight

July 3, 2020

BLOGTHINGS IS BACK FOR NOW! Finally, an excuse to use my meme / quiz LJ icons! What’s Your Work From Home Personality? Your Work From Home Personality is Work and Chill. CORONAVIRUS! If you are going to work from home, then you are going to take it easy. No need to stress about working too […]

Blogthings: Food delivery, red / blue / green / yellow, STAR WARS character

July 3, 2020

What Food Should You Get Delivered? You Should Get a Burger Delivered! CORONAVIRUS! You are what’s known as a classic. Everyone knows you, loves you, and counts on you to be there for them. You are old-fashioned and even a bit retro, but never in a creepy way. You just know when an oldie is […]

Green dragon hoarding garden gnomes! / An Asian warrior with a red dragon!

June 29, 2020

From Dragons: A green dragon and a hoard of garden gnomes! From Julie: An Asian warrior with a red dragon!