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Halifax Sam on Gmail chat, frustration, worth the cost, insistence, NYE style

December 31, 2013

Once I saw Sam on Gmail chat this morning, I had to update him on the family drama; we also exchanged belated Xmas / Happy New Year wishes, and he jokingly wondered if I had mind-reading powers in my pants, since HE did. Nope, sorry. At least he didn’t like the weird drama llama, either. […]

2013 Yearly Recap

December 31, 2013

This entry is allowed to have non-aligned tags. This is the 2013 Recap. Fitting for the last day of the year, no? JANUARY * finished EARTHBOUND again [Jan. 3] * finished LUFIA AND THE FORTRESS OF DOOM again; later, the laptop finally died [Jan. 12] * Mom and Dad went to Hawaii [Jan. 19] * […]

Ashley, Janina, Josie, Cedar, 4-3 shootout loss, Candy calling, courage word

December 30, 2013

I called Barry “early” today at 11:30 (I am not a morning person!) to say that I got my bus pass in the mail on Christmas Eve. Someone else was telling him that they got theirs on Friday – wow, Translink. *sarcasm* No food shopping needed right now, which is fine too. I got Christmas […]

Quilchena Country Golf Club, own grandpa, rationality, and Chinese Eric

December 29, 2013

The usual suspect told me that the pasta event was actually in Richmond, so he could pick me up at 5:45 and then drop me off afterwards tonight. I guess that’s okay too, especially if there are hockey games tonight and tomorrow, plus that phone call I have to make to Barry tomorrow! Besides, the […]

Almond milk, Valentine’s Day card, pomegranate, mango, men’s deodorant, macaroon flavors

December 28, 2013

It was my turn to sleep for 13 hours, from about midnight to 1 PM. (but the usual suspect did the same thing) The past few days have been busy or more draining than I thought, I guess! I didn’t get hungry till 3:30, so I had some dumplings to eat. Then I went out […]

Seeing Krista and meeting Ryan, almost getting towed, Winco, consequences

December 27, 2013

When Mike and I picked up Krista and Ryan from Oakridge last night, we all went back to Lynn’s. We talked about Montana, Fort St. John weather (no snow tolerance for me and Mike!), Kyle, her dad’s kitchen, Youtube POOP, Chilliwack / the Lower Mainland / Surrey / Langley / Vancouver Island, economic factors, gluten-free […]

Hurry up and wait! / Trifle and CUSTARD / Journals, Christmas Eve, Christmas Name

December 26, 2013

I went to bed after catching up on some stuff (he understands!), and talked a bit to Mike about things like taking out the garbage and comfortable sleeping positions. We showered in the afternoon (he helped me out upon request) since we thought we’d be rushed out of the house, but nope! Yes, we had […]

Horribly rude awfulness, turkey dinner, happiness, and surprise jar openers!

December 25, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE! When Mike came home at 9-ish last night, I was in bed being emotional. He wondered if I’d been that way all night; nope, just when I stopped to think about things. We talked a bunch about the family situation and drama before deciding to get things over with tonight, so we […]

Oakridge / Hanukkah dinner / Safety / Don’t BROADCAST everything!

December 24, 2013

After asking if we can meet earlier (at 4?) since everyone can play with Ayler before he and Harmony try to put him to sleep without a meltdown, Jon says that Mike and I can bring ginger ale to the Christmas dinner since there will be a lot of cranberries / sauce – sweet! Mike […]

Making “rushed” decisions and expressing myself artistically

December 23, 2013

The usual suspect wanted me to decide at 9:20 whether to go with him today or not; I was in the shower, so he sent me a message after he called with no answer. I said I probably would if I had time to eat breakfast before leaving, and told him of the Christmas dinner […]