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June 13, 2017

These are all the enemies I could find in SUPER MARIO FANTASY ADVENTURE. I used this walkthrough as a guide. Thanks, BSulphur! This walkthrough helped me through the game; thanks, KeyBlade999! Use the lute in the Temple of Chaos by facing the stone slab and pressing A. Codes for the game on BSFree. Goomba Koopa […]

Bob Barker and parting gifts, a hand grenade, Denise Coke busted with cocaine

May 28, 2017

From Janina: Bob Barker on THE PRICE IS RIGHT says, “Parting gifts! We have a nice toaster for you, loser!” From Engrish.com and Library of Most Controversial Files: A fire extinguisher labelled as a hand grenade?! From my FAST-ACTING LONG-LASTING Bathroom Reader #18: Detroit police busted someone named Denise COKE with a lot of COCAINE […]

Golden statue glowing strangely, traveling shack’s entertainer, text not found

April 1, 2017

UGH, IT’S APRIL FOOL’S DAY TODAY! Steph sent me an email saying that Fraser was playing with his toy phone at 7:30 AM their time; she asked who he wanted to call, and he said “A-ma”… CUTE! Unfortunately, 4:30 AM is too early to call people here, and even 7:30 AM is too early to […]

Margaret Spellings is the education minister? / Lorena Bobbitt cut off a penis?

January 26, 2017

Margaret SPELLINGS is the EDUCATION minister?! Lorena Bobbitt CUT OFF her ex-husband’s penis?!

Hiero is having a birthday party / No Carly / John / Bob Rock the music producer

January 8, 2017

Harmony emailed us an invitation to Hiero’s third birthday party. I got Auntie Wing Yee’s reply, which I guess is fine. Then I discovered that Carly S. had unfriended me, and that John Powell had added me via his alterego, Jon Powell. Carly Swan: Bob ROCK is a MUSIC producer?!


December 10, 2016

These are all the enemies I could find in the ARN’S WINTER QUEST: GWAY EDITION hack of EARTHBOUND by Toby Fox, aka Radiation. I used this Youtube playlist by SkullKid3 as a walkthrough. NOTE: Make sure that Dog has the Awesome Shades, Arn has the Cool Sombrero, and Ness has the Awesome Hat. Press the […]

Sarra?! / The Last Trick Or Treater! / Gorging yourself on Halloween candy!

November 4, 2016

From Julie: What kind of spelling is SARRA?! From Janina and Rhymes With Witch: The Last Trick Or Treater! The boy clenched his candle as its sickly glow fell on a child wearing a chipped, battered kitty mask. In her hands dangled a long-faded “Welcome” banner. “You made it,” came the little girl’s voice from […]

Vanishing Freakazoids, French fry and hamburger chapstick, Mr. Goodlatte

November 3, 2016

Since it was National Sandwich Day today, I had my chicken fajita sandwich from Shoppers. The Canucks played the Senators at 4:30 today, and lost 1-0. Jon Otis, Sarah Buffaloe, Joe Scharfenberg, and Prince Casey finally make it to Tibet as a united JONBOUND party. Joe used the EMP Device. The Freakazoids vanished into the […]

Bob Noonoo, squab on a stick, Cow Spit, Lakewood Treasury, HinesCo Starbucks

October 23, 2016

The Canucks played the Ducks in the Anaheim home opener at 5 today, and lost 4-2. From Julie: Bob Noonoo?! Sounds like baby talk! After Sarah’s rescue from Tim Hines and defeating the fourth Sanctuary boss in Scotland, the JONBOUND party (Jon Otis / Sarah Buffaloe / Joe Scharfenberg) stay overnight at the Arvada Roach […]

Bob’s Angry Flower, being a spelling bee judge, Busko Tungus, Brumbpo Tungus

September 12, 2016

Pastor Dan emailed me to say that he couldn’t make it to my birthday celebration, but he did want to wish me a big Happy Birthday, and added that it was great to see me last night. I’ll accept that, haha! From Julie: Bob’s Angry Flower! “Sweet Holy Fuck! Such a beautiful day! I have […]