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Poo embarrassment, Dan liking Mike’s attitude, violent games, donair poutine, Reddit

April 30, 2014

Mike and I talked about the nice day, speed runs of DRAGON WARRIOR 4 and other RPGs, routers, poo, smell, embarrassment, IMDB / Amazon / Gmail not loading for him while they did for me, going downtown, the L.A. Grill, protein, showers, pills and gels as male contraceptives, condoms, coffee, walking, Pastor Dan’s email about […]

Telus account is now CLOSED! / The Crepe Test

April 30, 2014

I got mail from Telus confirming my payment of the last bill, and the fact that my account is now closed. Suppose I should keep this… You Are Sensitive You are deep, emotional, and comfort-seeking. You are a gentle creature who appreciates a low-key approach to life. You feel so much that it sometimes is […]

WORLD’S END, KING OF THE HILL, skill investments, Takis Fuego snacks, same-day appointments

April 30, 2014

When Mike came home before midnight, he showed me a cheque and said that he didn’t need to de-stress with alcohol after that! Then we watched JON STEWART, KING OF THE HILL, and IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA while talking about restarting WORLD’S END because of the wrong skill investments in his characters, eBay, shoe […]

Shiba Inu rants, electricity, KKK, deodorant, shampoo, yelling, going downtown

April 29, 2014

The usual suspect and I discussed the EVEN EVIL HAS STANDARDS TV trope, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, the KKK noting on their website that they do NOT agree with the Westboro Baptist Church, friends with benefits, Krista, lovers, “sugar bacon” in the Urban Dictionary meaning “an attractive girl who’s chubby,” and poly. We conversed about the […]

Is He a Good Boyfriend? / 100-Sheet Stapler!

April 29, 2014

Is He a Good Boyfriend? He’s A Pretty Good Boyfriend Your boyfriend gets an A for effort. He’s trying his hardest, but he needs a little help. It’s likely that your guy hasn’t had many serious relationships. Make sure you let him know what you need – gently. Is He a Good Boyfriend? Blogthings: 100’s […]

Sarah G., ice cream flavors, and whiteout in mesh bags (dream) / Individualist or Communitarian?

April 29, 2014

I had a weird dream where Sarah G. (Tonks) and I were shopping in the Quebec snow for some ice cream at a place where they had thousands of containers in various sizes and flavors. Cherry, cheesecake, jalapeno, and LOTS more with books! Then we went to Safeway to get whiteout in matching mesh bags […]

Taste differences, butter chicken poutine sounding gross, “off” stomach

April 29, 2014

Mike and I discussed coffee, spiral Kraft Dinner, old photos, baby oil, washing dishes and the microwave turning thing, hair, the Shaw Internet connection / router not working for a time, old photos, boobs, lemon tea, Creative, movies, eBay, selling, the green tea ice cream, almond milk vs. regular milk vs. coconut milk vs. soy […]

Nicolas Cage movies, TRIP TANK, Red Pill people, CHRONO TRIGGER

April 28, 2014

Mike and I discussed EFUCKT, nasty German porn, the Smirnoff raspberry vodka being pretty good, my wardrobe and dressing up, “abuse,” having coffee, clothes, the sun, snoring, Billie and how I met her on GJ, the age of 21, Japan, Jamaica, virginity, Nicolas Cage movies, FACE/OFF, the spicy Mexican INFERNO popcorn and cooking the unpopped […]

What Season Should You Visit Paris?

April 28, 2014

You Should Visit Paris in Summer You’re the type of person who likes to be in the centre of the action. You don’t mind a crowded, wild Paris. In fact, you love the idea of exploring the city until late into the night. You love the energy that summer brings. You are perfect for a […]

Baby Hiero’s 100 Days party at Ningtu: YAY FOR NATHAN!

April 27, 2014

Mike said he wasn’t coming over yesterday since he had a lot of work to finish before today. He could have told me that before I said something! We talked about spending time together today instead if he was free, haircuts, Reddit incest, the Grapist, Youtube videos, going to Costco for aspirin and Coffeemate, lunch […]