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Aloe Blacc, AKA Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III?! / Not wanting to go outside!

January 7, 2018

COFFEE TIME! The Canucks played the Canadiens at 4 today, and lost 5-2, complete with an empty-net goal. I’m going to shower later, too. From Julie: Aloe Blacc, AKA Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III?! Eric Foreman from THAT 70s SHOW says, “But I don’t want to go outside. There are people out there!” Advertisements

Goblin-proofing a chicken coop, Thatcher Demko, Mog the Moogle feeding worms

April 17, 2017

From Mental Floss: GOBLIN-PROOFING ONE’S CHICKEN COOP?! Thatcher Demko?! In FINAL FANTASY VI: THE ETERNAL CRYSTALS, the party finally finds Mog the Moogle after going through the Narshe mines. Mog: “Kupoppo! You’re alive! I thought you were all feeding the worms, kupo! Kupohoho! Let’s go!”

6/10/2016, Jaypee Philbert, Zillion Wong, Amin Yashed, Dossy Noah, gay marriage

June 10, 2016

rom Pete and The Celtic Witch: Today is a unique day! 6/10/2016! Jaypee Philbert?! There’s a local guy named Zillion Wong?! Amin Yashed?! (I’m in your shed) Dossy Noah?! (does he know her?) That special moment when FoxNews.com uses a photo of a married couple promoting “traditional marriage,” and the photo is actually of a […]

Rich Will Wanket, Yolanda Squatpump, Dick Tips

November 22, 2015

Rich Will Wanket is a real estate agent in Minneapolis! Yolanda Squatpump! Dick Tips is in the business of compassion! Here’s a garden with flowers!

Replacement pub glasses, light bulbs, and laundry detergent!

February 22, 2015

I went to London Drugs to get laundry detergent (I needed to replace it whether or not Mike saw or touched the bottle) and pub glasses (last bought on 26 August 2014) since one of mine is ruined with hair and such on it. While there, I discovered a fortuitous sale on store brand light […]

A chunk of tooth missing since 1995?! / ROCK ISLAND OYSTERS AND CLAMS shirt, and Under Armour shorts!

August 26, 2014

No more blue Engrish shirt or dark blue shorts that I got at Sears forever ago! I went out at 1 to see if I could find shorts and a T-shirt. First, I went to London Drugs to get two pairs of replacement Secret ankle socks since the “pair” I was wearing was mismatched in […]

Matthew Good, Tudors, Brad Roberts, Crash Test Dummies, wrong stuff, and more

March 22, 2011

While I was listening to stuff from Hospital Music, Vancouver, and In A Coma 1995-2005 (cheaper at HMV than at Future Shop?!), I heard a door at 10:55, then someone talking… and THEN Teunis surprised me by saying something about chocolate. Oh dear… at least moving Andrew and Teresa seems to have gone okay, since […]


November 22, 2010

Reposting this here… not because I care about HARRY POTTER (I don’t have an opinion), but because I *do* love coincidences! SPOILER HEAVY! – Molly and Arthur Weasley had seven children. – Ginny Weasley is the seventh child of Molly and Arthur. – Ginny Weasley is the first girl born to the Weasleys in seven […]

Ripe floating kitty, Tori in front of a malt, Vikings, Islam, Coppertone

September 23, 2010

High-scoring words of the night: RIPER (220 points) – against Sabine C. [5W used twice, 4W] FLOATERS (157 points) – against Eric G. [two 3W] KITTY (400 points; two 5W), CHOCKS (125 points; 5W) – against Marian M. MALT (200 points) – against Carol F. [two 5W] TORII (373 points) – against Josephine S. [4W, […]

Kenny and Cutco / LOTR Family / John Lennon’s lost album

August 22, 2010

Kenny asked if I’d be willing to have him come over and show me some products… haha, of course it would have to be VECTOR / CUTCO knives! Definitely told him about Erin’s horror stories! (MSN worked, but Skype would overload my computer just then) Note: LJ Friends in Your Dreams Memegen, by lost_note. Who […]