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OH REALLY? owl Enlarged and GIF! / Entitled TJ Brule / Champs Sports Granville

August 24, 2020

TJ Brule in the “other” message folder on Facebook: “Fuck off, troll, no wonder you’re single.” ??? Why send me a friend request, then? Who sends a message like that to someone who doesn’t respond quickly enough to their friend request? I’ll tell you: A STUPID ENTITLED IDIOT! I called Champs Sports at 897 Granville […]

Western Family sockeye salmon snack! / Sirloin steak breakfast, A8, and masks!

August 17, 2020

I texted Walter at 9 AM to see whether he was working today or tomorrow, so since he was, I decided to go out at 10:10 on a 407. I ended up with a London Drugs 540 mL white porcelain coffee mug, $35 cash in laundry loonies and quarters from BMO (two months earlier than […]

Meat on your grandma’s tummy?! / TOILET DARTS game!

August 17, 2020

Today is International Correct Everyone’s Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Day! MY FAVORITE! 😀 I’m at Richmond Centre right now. I heard a little girl in the restroom stall next to me. “Grandma, you have meat on your tummy!” Grandma’s response: “Sure, I have meat on my tummy.” HAHAHAHA! From Wesley and Reddit: TOILET DARTS is […]

What, yet, although, then, rarely, never! / Osmond / Squamish and Taylor Way

July 28, 2020

Michael Osmond added me from the Blue Mages Facebook page – okay, then! He seems to think we interacted before, but that’s not true. He also uses “imma” instead of “I’m going to,” so I already don’t think much of him! I called Ayler at 5:10, and they’d apparently JUST gotten home from doing a […]

Ben and Jerry’s Netflix and Chill / $2250! / Gomtang! / Keepsakes puzzles!

July 22, 2020

I temporarily had over $2250 in my bank account today! I went out at 12:35 on a 407 with my Asian old lady shopping cart to do my banking (after which I saw Roberta, who thought it would take an hour to get the next 401 or 407 bus since she’d just missed one *rolleyes*) […]

Shin Ramyun CUP noodles, Debby Stoner, Creed Bratton, Dr. Doir Dearborn DOOR

July 17, 2020

I called Ayler at 7:05, but nobody answered. He called me back five minutes later, so I had to turn off my boiling water for my pasta before I asked him what he was doing. He was honest when he said he wasn’t available and why! I’ll preserve his dignity as I did William’s, of […]

Prime Climb! / 500 or 750 puzzle pieces! / Johanna and Fred Dingleberry?!

July 12, 2020

I heard that MGB member Rich Priske died at 52. 😦 I called Ayler at 5:10, and got Jon answering the phone. Ayler and Hiero were doing another 500-piece puzzle with mountains / sky / mud / ocean / beach, and asked if I’d get them a double-sided puzzle for Christmas. I said I’d see […]

GrayStillPlays and SIMS characters / Starfrit jar opener / Khalood and Fallon?!

May 27, 2020

From Julie: GrayStillPlays! This guy makes his Sims and other game characters do crazy things to break the games! The Canadian Tire Starfrit jar opener which Mike got me for Christmas 2013 has opened almost everything except Tostitos salsa and Costco salsa… From Julie and DR. PHIL: Khalood is a self-admitted monster-in-law?! From Julie and […]

Deliberately leaving things around to trip on?! / Blocking people for fun?! NO!

May 3, 2020

The kids called me at 6:45 to scream-sing a song about (as far as I can tell) licking bums or nicking bums, and asked me inappropriate questions about whether I’d like to see Jon peeing. No, thank you! Then Ayler asked if I would eat a whole pie (which Hiero said they were having for […]

Chocolate cake, DEATH RAIN habanero chips, Steam Whistle mug, old mug, sunflower

March 28, 2020

I showered and then had to do MORE laundry on the third floor because my grey sweatshirt somehow got damp from laying it on the carpet! Edit at 12:10 AM – Paulo came over at 11:55, and has already found TWO dead mice on glue traps in the corner! No wonder I smelled something decomposing […]