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What’s Your Hockey Name? Brickwall Boss! / SECOND PLAYOFF ROUND AGAINST VEGAS!

August 21, 2020

The Canucks played the Blues in Playoff Game #6 at 6:45, and WON 6-2, eliminating the defending Stanley Cup champs! EMPTY-NET GOAL! Craig Berube pulled Jordan Binnington once it was 4-0, and then pulled Jake Allen temporarily with EIGHT MINUTES to go?! HAHAHAHA! From Martin D.: What’s Your Hockey Name? Brickwall Boss! NAME GENERATOR!

Reddit Helpful Award 1: Henrik, Daniel, and Jay Bouwmeester! / AWKWAFINA?!

July 24, 2020

My first Reddit Helpful Award on February 13, 2020, in r/hockey for a detailed explanation to Straight_Pasta of Henrik and Daniel Sedin’s jersey retirement ceremony, speech, and well-wishes to Jay Bouwmeester! From Julie: Rap artist Nora Lum got the nickname AWKWAFINA?! Like a badly-spelled version of Aquafina, the bottled water?!

Breyers Creamy Chocolate ice cream, lightly salted Lays chips, a balalaika dance

June 7, 2020

Ayler called me at 7, and I told him that I was watching LOONEY TUNES cartoons. He then told me to wait a minute or two while he did the 7 PM cheer… more drumming on metal. Hiero said hi and added that he wanted to make the 7 PM cheer “scary.” WHAT?! He lets […]

Unspeakable horror shart sign! / Donald Trump toilet brush! / Janean Brown?!

June 7, 2020

From Vanessa and Farts are Funny: What unspeakable horror made this restroom sign necessary? SHART EXPLOSION?! From Ryan B. and the NEW ZEALAND HERALD: Make your toilet great again with this Donald Trump toilet brush! HAHAHAHA! From Youtube: Andrew is fine, but Janean Brown?! BAD SPELLING OF JANINE! This article was written on June 7, […]

Green dragon red eyes, orange-red dragon, grumpy red dragon, Bakugan Dragonoid

April 27, 2020

From Julie: A green dragon with flashing red eyes! GIF version: https://i.imgur.com/aek4DKM.gif From Julie: An awesome red and orange dragon! This T-shirt is from The Dragon’s Den: Annoyed Dragon! Touchy Dragon! Grouchy ball of FIRE! Moody Dragon! Grumpy Dragon! Grr Grr Grr! RED DRAGON! From Dragons: This red dragon on a coffee mug says, “My […]

No Shiwa! / Functioning adults! / Lorenzen and Sherra Wright? / Harvest Chicken!

April 14, 2020

I discovered redrum today – UGH! I also officially left Shiwa’s Discord server. Too bad for them! They won’t have the Fire Dragon anymore! Went to the pharmacy next door at 11 now that they’re actually OPEN to refill my prescription and buy some extra-strength Tylenol (100 tablets) for $16.79 in case I need to […]

Egypt, Effort, Kunkletown, Aquashicola, and Little Gap?! / Third Reddit silver!

February 20, 2020

I discovered that Jason Oboril unfriended me on Facebook – whatever! Julie M. was on vacation and saw this map at a Pennsylvania visitor centre: Egypt, Effort, Kunkletown (hahaha), Aquashicola (hahaha), and Little Gap?! I got my third Reddit silver on January 24, 2020 for telling Vinnie9911 that he’s the asshole for posting a huge […]

Roses and white wine, pixelated Doge, basic Doge, Puritan Valentine’s Day cards

February 12, 2020

The Canucks played Chicago tonight at 7:30, and won 3-0. They even got an empty-netter! It was the Sedin jersey retirement game! The ceremony was awesome – John Shorthouse, Dave Nonis, Markus Naslund, Trevor Linden, Mike Gillis, Marc Crawford, Alex Burrows, Jannik Hansen, and so many others! The twins definitely sent their well-wishes to Jay […]

In love, delicates, strawberry chiffon, Chinese mushrooms, insurance, pork blood

February 7, 2020

Hester’s husband Ni interrupted me at 1:20 today to investigate my lamp fixture / light bulb cover note. “No safety concern” and “that’s the one that came with the building?” and “I have to think”! AIYA! I also had to be an adult (again) since Auntie Vonnie texted me a couple days ago to say […]

Daniel Holdom (44), Karlie Pearce-Stevenson (20), and Khandalyce CANDLE Pearce?!

December 25, 2019

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2019! From 60 Minutes Australia: Daniel Holdom (44), KARLIE Pearce-Stevenson (20), and KHANDALYCE (pronounced “Candle-lease”) Pearce?! Reminds me of Holdom Skytrain station, too!