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Quarantini / Goths and fatally hot summer temperatures! / Krysee Altrows?!

July 20, 2020

This is an apt day to post the FATAL TO GOTHS picture. It’ll be 33 degrees soon! MAN! Quarantini: Four ounces vodka, one tablespoon Nyquil, garnish with one Tylenol PM and one multivitamin. Drink one every hour ALONE until the coronavirus pandemic passes. From Spoz and StareCat.com last November: Remember, summer temperatures can be fatal […]

Shin Ramyun CUP noodles, Debby Stoner, Creed Bratton, Dr. Doir Dearborn DOOR

July 17, 2020

I called Ayler at 7:05, but nobody answered. He called me back five minutes later, so I had to turn off my boiling water for my pasta before I asked him what he was doing. He was honest when he said he wasn’t available and why! I’ll preserve his dignity as I did William’s, of […]

Blogthings: Mom type, having a 4D personality, NEVER HAVE I EVER character

July 3, 2020

What Type of Mom Are You? You Are The Free Range Mom! You are a firm believer in kids learning from their own mistakes (as long as everyone is relatively safe). Your kid doesn’t want to do homework tonight? Well, that’s a great lesson to be taught earlier rather than later in life. You don’t […]

Post-It Notes car prank! / Drenched rainy laundry! / Us do all this stuff!

January 1, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND 2016, EVERYONE! From Spoz: 666 + 666 + 666 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 2016! EPIC Post-It Notes prank – they managed to cover the ENTIRE CAR! Bronson’s laundry is drenched by the rain! Duster: “The fact this Porky guy is forcing US DO all this stuff makes me […]

Rubber ducky! / NO MORE GILLETTE DEODORANT! / Raspberry goat’s milk soap

June 13, 2015

In the name of hopefully saving myself a lot of time on this project, I deleted about 250 dungeon-related entries and three dungeon-related memory sections on GJ RQ 2 last night before bed. (but not Mike’s) Entries about Mike will be in their own memory section (as they are in Chinese Eric’s and my journals) […]

Doctor Unheimlich, Sp-Ss (Spocko23)

October 22, 2014

Doctor Unheimlich’s Disease Registry Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withSpaceFem’s Lurgy Cause: early mornings Symptoms: ringing in the ears, sudden facial hair, vague hand tremors, speaking in tongues Cure: cryogenic freezing until science catches up Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withSpaceFicosis Cause: a blow to the head Symptoms: […]

Devil accepting God’s unwanted children / KINGDOM HEARTS character

May 6, 2012

Woke up before 7 AM for some stupid reason; WTF? UGH! Spoz linked this “evil” humorous 9GAG conversation on his Facebook; I love it! “God didn’t want humans to have critical thinking so we could be thought-slaves for eternity, and the devil accepts God’s unwanted children unconditionally” – HAHAHAHA, SO TRUE! KINGDOM HEARTS CHARACTER var […]

Pretzel and Peanut Butter Chocolate?!

February 8, 2012

Went shopping to get away from the typo demon that seemed to plague me in the late afternoon. At least I tuned in to the Fox to hear Matthew Good live in studio! (Spoz would make fun of me circa 2002-2004 if he knew!) My first stop was Shoppers Drug Mart to get on-sale Life […]

Fireworks at English Bay / Vanessa and FREEDOM / Spoz in a dream / Soul’s eye color

July 30, 2011

Christon sent us an email saying that his summer doesn’t feel complete unless he’s gone to at least one fireworks event at English Bay; this year, the barge will be closer to the crowds. He shouldn’t be organizing such a thing, but he’s targeting Wednesday night since the Spain event should presumably be less crowded […]

Small Group Outing = NO! / The Letter Test / Techno FINAL COUNTDOWN

July 25, 2011

Christon emailed us about Small Group Outing; I’m not going to participate. He wants to possibly do mini-golf in North Vancouver just because HE hasn’t done it in a long time! I know he’s the leader and all, but way to make this all about YOU! His other options aren’t appealing, either… pitch-and-putt and bowling?! […]