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Extra day

February 29, 2004

an extra day in the calendar to do what we have to.. this is good, even though I’m not going to VPL.. may check stuff from the church office, depending.. I’m lucky indeed to talk to a couple of people that I trust.. computer advice, getting to know one another better.. updates on certain people, […]


February 28, 2004

Spoz changed the look of his blog over the weekend. I wish I could do something like that… maybe later in the week when I have more time / patience / energy. No, I’m not an HTML expert.. however, my friend Cerowyn did link me to an HTML color page a while ago. He won’t […]

Jon as a fertility god / Quizzes

February 28, 2004

had a good time with friends last night.. talked about The Passion of the Christ and its facets.. evangelism, faith, updates, life, Eric’s new Christianity.. Jon as a fertility god with all the food, Hon’s lab work.. Adela’s non-female cramps, my monitor problem, food.. Ty’s durian thing, how his dad died when he was young.. […]

Alan Cross: Greatest Moments in Rock History #60-51

February 28, 2004

Moments 60-51 There are such things as the chaos theory and the butterfly effect: tiny changes set up larger ones; it’s impossible to predict the future with any degree of certainty, as you can’t predict everything that’ll have a bearing on an event’s outcome. 60. Legs McNeill and a friend liked the Dictators so much […]

Intriguing envelope…

February 27, 2004

I got an intriguing envelope in the mail today.. a cute “Born to Shop” envelope and no return address.. “air mail.. too many people know my address!” I thought.. then I opened it, and found it was “friendship”-themed.. also found out it was from Jim.. very sweet of him 🙂 Jon was amazed that I […]

Monitor problems / Quizzes

February 26, 2004

my computer monitor blinked out yesterday… aiya! at least I got to IM Stephen for a little while beforehand.. that was a nice experience, let me tell you.. therefore, I’m writing this from Oakridge library.. might go here or to Firehall every day now.. depends on my mood and other things I do.. doing a […]

FNORD! (snagged from UrbaneMonkey)

February 25, 2004

Just so I know where this is, I’m putting it here. I’ve seen the word on a certain message board too many times to count, and got an answer to the question of “what the heck is that word?” just now. 😀 Fnord? Fnord is evaporated herbal tea without the herbs. Fnord is that funny […]

Bold the songs you have listened to…

February 25, 2004

Slight modification of all the memes going around that tell you to bold the stuff you’ve listened to / read / watched / eaten / etc. This is actually taken off a website… oh my! The originality! (hehehehe) Since Spoz listens to more electronica / hip-hop / crunchy beat stuff than I do, it’s not […]

Invisibility rant / Quizzes

February 25, 2004

I *hate* it when I’m apparently invisible to others on my lists.. Sarah Moore and Snoopy were the offenders today.. Steve Wright was an offender a couple of weeks ago.. if you’re busy or whatnot, you can tell me or indicate it.. just give me a damn answer.. it’s not that difficult, is it? 😛 […]

Hiccup cures…

February 24, 2004

No, I did not go and eat all that food.. although I might go out again and try it now. Only 2.5 hours before the mall closes… 😀 Here are various cures and remedies for hiccups that I found in my copy of A Millennium Primer from the Old Farmer’s Almanac: Timeless Truths and Delightful […]