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Brandi FINALLY unfriending me! / Holly / No gum?! / Ice cream flavors / April 2013 BBT Tally

April 30, 2013

Brandi unfriended me today, which is good – I couldn’t take her endless statuses about her kids and special needs and everything else, never mind the weird hockey superstitions like “DON’T POST THE SCORE, OR WE WILL LOSE! ALSO, DORITOS ARE THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE CHIP TO EAT DURING GAMES!” Luckily, I was anticipating it last […]

Foghorn Leghorn, boobs, Dennis the Menace (dream) / Openness with Eric Ho / Mumble

April 29, 2013

Why did I have a weird dream about a guy named Peter telling a girl named Jamie that he didn’t like her in THAT way, but her boobs were nice? Then they did have sex, but Dennis the Menace was climbing up a stereo system to get to Foghorn Leghorn, who was listening to country […]

Jim, Richard, Marko, Andrew S. / Finished FINAL FANTASY 1 again!

April 28, 2013

Talked to Jim / Richard and Marko for a bit on Mumble, and discovered that Andrew S. had added me. Fair enough, as I’m sure it’s from the hockey group! Finished FINAL FANTASY I: DAWN OF SOULS again, but with the WORST GAME TIME EVER! 27:01?!

Chantelle and brandy beans / FINALLY hanging out with Eric! / Terrible 7-2 loss

April 27, 2013

While leaving some birthday wishes on Chantelle’s FB wall yesterday, I took the opportunity to ask her if she had ever received my stuff! The last I heard a couple months ago, her old housemate was keeping some mail from Canada for her at the old address. She said that she meant to tell me […]

Chinese Eric is ALWAYS awesome! / GOLDEN POO! / Lufenia

April 26, 2013

Chinese Eric called me at 10:55 yesterday, but I missed it by a minute. Good thing I checked my phone! We then had a half-hour chat about hockey, the playoffs / scoreboard-watching / hoping Minnesota DOESN’T make it in / the Kings / San Jose, Mumble (which he’s heard of), Skype, good news (we COULD […]

Funny names from the 2013 NFL Draft!

April 26, 2013

I got most of these from The Blog of Funny Names! Justice Cunningham?! Star Lotulelei?! Cre’von Lashaad Leblanc?! Reminds me of a craving or shrimp since the French word for “shrimp” is CREVETTE… Manti Te’o?! Johnthan Banks?! What kind of way is that to spell JONATHAN?! Cornellius Carradine?! Blidi Wreh-Wilson?! Shariff Floyd?! D.J. Fluker?! Tourek […]

Häagen-Dazs, prescriptions, Praeventia, 3-1 loss, weather personality

April 25, 2013

I picked up my prescription (FINALLY!) from London Drugs; only three months is covered, so that’s what I got. I’ll have to call the pharmacy when I’ve used most of this, and order it again. While I was in the store, I had to get some on-sale Häagen-Dazs ice cream since I saw that yesterday! […]

Oysters, chocolate cake, dumplings, and a free birthday card

April 25, 2013

Barry picked me up early for food shopping, but I was luckily anticipating that. Still, I finished lunch a minute before he called! Went to Price Smart and bought almond milk x3, bananas, Charmin toilet paper, on-sale Cheemo Country Mushroom perogies x2, McCain Deep and Delicious chocolate cake, on-sale Olympic Greek yogurt (honey / strawberry), […]

Fozzie Bear, beer, Wikipedia, bands, and cheating

April 24, 2013

Talked to Chelsea / Lindsay / JBook / Marko / Caitlin / Joe / Cody / Andrew / Jim / Reeha / Tyler / Josh / Holly on Mumble about hockey games, cheating, Fozzie Bear, age differences, jobs, beer, the playoffs, time differences (Hawaii is three hours behind BC?!), boobs, Dustin, bands, Wikipedia, and more. […]

Enabling laziness with packing / Prescription outage / Adorable cream puffs

April 24, 2013

White Eric enabled my laziness last night (and my unwillingness to pay even MORE for the pizza with fewer people there!) by saying that he wouldn’t be going to small group since he has to pack for a Portland trip while he’s not feeling well himself. That brings up another problem: WHY THE FUCKING HELL […]