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Time as literal currency? / November 2012 BBT Tally

November 30, 2012

White Eric called to see whether I was going tonight, so I told him what was up. Chinese Eric called a few minutes later to be let in; that was fine, then we had a marathon of phone calls to white Eric and Tracy to figure out how to be let in if the cellphone […]

I’ll waste my time with you so you don’t have to be alone…

November 30, 2012

I called Chinese Eric at about 10:20 to see whether he was going to that movie night tomorrow. He said he was, after thinking about it. I’d been expecting him to say NO, haha! Since he’s going, I guess I’ll waste my own time as well at Alan and Tracy’s. Yes, of course I can […]

All the Hero’s DRAGON QUEST VI spells and skills!

November 29, 2012

Rosenda says Auntie May is calling me from her house – I don’t know why! (and especially not at 8:30 AM…) Noticed that Matt T. (yaymatt) unfriended me from Facebook; okay, then! Pegasus takes you around the world after you defeat Deathtamoor; the Dream World becomes transparent and fades away when you visit Lifecod and […]

Pictures of Grandma

November 29, 2012

Here are a bunch of Grandma pictures; Rob S. deserves credit for rotating the December 2011 photo of her in the jacket which I have now. 😀 A youthful Grandma, whom Cousin Yvonne REALLY resembles! Grandma and me, in January 2004… when she saw this on my parents’ computer, she wondered how she got in […]

Deathtamoor DEFEAT! / FAT DRAGON roasted pig’s head

November 28, 2012

Luckily, I was prepared for redrum with DRUGS. 😀 I FINALLY DEFEATED DEATHTAMOOR! 😀 Mom emailed us some photos of the Fat Dragon food on Sunday, so I downloaded them before deleting the email. Jon preparing to eat more fatty deliciousness: This picture was my mom’s idea: Here’s the pig ear! Half a roasted pig’s […]

Sam, stroller gifts, Havarti licking me

November 28, 2012

Harmony found the time to thank me on FB for the Christmas gifts (Advent calendars / HARMONY chocolates / WHAT’S IN MY HOUSE? / stuffed toy) which I left in the baby’s stroller: of course I’m thoughtful, haha! Talked to Sam briefly on Gmail chat before my computer decided to be a temperamental beast (he […]

Sam, Christmas cards, postcards, and BUS PASS!

November 27, 2012

Julie S. says she got my Christmas card in the mail yesterday; sweet! Talked to Sam briefly on Gmail chat about the gross weather over there… I totally understood if he just wanted to be home! (talked about family weddings, no interest in dating, and teenage nephews) I didn’t tell him this, but if he […]

Under covers and CHINESE ERIC! / Chrystal rescheduling

November 26, 2012

The stupid computer decided that my Google Chrome preferences file was corrupt today; when I restarted, Firefox wouldn’t connect to hardly any sites, and Chrome was VERY SLOW. Opera time again it was! Chrystal tried calling me from work, but I was out of the apartment and didn’t answer the phone. By the time I […]

Fat Dragon, half a pig’s head, NEW COMFORTER, baby smiles amid fussiness!

November 25, 2012

When Eric picked me up this morning, we discussed the fog around the Army base / Christmas music / his intending to waste Chinese Eric’s time by inviting him to that Justin Timberlake movie / correct spelling in the worship songs on the Powerpoint / College Humor / phishing sites / my feelings about Christmas, […]

Finished WordPress editing! / Lettuce wraps / Squidward

November 24, 2012

Finally finished editing all the WordPress posts for extraneous HTML which Blogger put in there, so I can definitely return to DRAGON QUEST VI in between computer restarts! YAY! Talked to Talia briefly on AIM about lettuce wraps and buying individual leaves off the head – I don’t think that’s possible. Too bad about the […]