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Naked Ness in Magicant! / Dad phone call in Magicant / Ness and his family

February 5, 2017

eric clapton, high, picture posts, discordia, luck, jess, 112, nicknames, tatiana, cynical, vcefc, super bowl, super bowl sunday, the super bowl, hair, roots, pulling, justin c., unfriending me, old friends, snes, 9, x, hacks, cocaine, unfriending, adding, adding me, twice, alterego, xenia, c, carmelina, fraser, frasers, wtf, what the hell, earth, bound, screenshots, gaming, video […]

Bottles of booze on your head, the Lockport Tribune, rodents in a Garson tunnel

January 30, 2017

Sabrina K. unfriended me from Facebook – fair enough? Colin is checking out the Lockport Motel. Here’s a girl with a bottle of booze on her head! Colin stays overnight at the Lockport Motel. “Here is today’s Lockport Tribune headline.” Colin stays overnight at the Lockport Motel. “Colony of rodents found in tunnel to Garson.” […]

Table made of Lego (dream) / Superman and Batman! / Eating the Ancient Banana!

January 30, 2016

Harmony sent me a Facebook message last night at 9:45 to confirm about today, and 9:30 this morning sounded fine to me. Photobucket was back up for me right when I was thinking of going to bed at 10 PM anyway! I had a dream about a table made of Lego, and children everywhere. Oh […]

Tear-stained letter / Shadow’s dog Interceptor eats strangers! / MOTHER 3 Chick!

January 15, 2016

The Canucks played the Hurricanes at 4 today… the game went to overtime, and the Canucks won 3-2 thanks to Bo Horvat’s second goal of the game! From Julie: A harsh Tear-Stained Letter from WORLD OF WARCRAFT! “Kaelynara, it is with some regret that I must inform you that I am relieving you of your […]

Steph, 4-0 loss, Dick Paradise, Chalei / Chaniya / Kaylei / Chaz, Natalia Vagina

November 30, 2015

Steph called in the afternoon, so I called her back to update her on last night’s hot pot, Harmony / homeschooling, baby Fraser, our nephews, and more. She just wanted to know how I was doing with the ice and frost outside. The Canucks played the Ducks at 7 tonight, and lost 4-0. Dick Paradise […]

Midge is dead! / No more spicy seaweed noodles! / Domination and farting

August 10, 2015

This morning, I got a Facebook message from one of Midge’s friends, Julie Warren: it informed me that Midge had died on Friday, and that Julie was sorry to let me know in this way, but my posts and friendship had meant a lot to her. Then I went to Midge’s timeline for verification because […]

Vanessa, plant seeds, Prata-Man, Mike’s self-importance, decorative M

April 14, 2015

I got up at 8 AM because of the sunny weather! It definitely would have bothered Mike when he slept on the couch in my living room! Vanessa picked me up at 10:50 AM so we could eat lunch at a Malaysian place (the Penang Delight CafĂ©) just off the Oak Street Bridge, but it […]

City Square Mall, dandelions, dish drainers, Maisie, escalators, Huskie, jellybeans

April 11, 2015

Kaili (empress_kailee) deleted me from Facebook; okay, then! I’d said last night that I’d help Harmony with the boys today, so off I went in the morning, just managing to get the 401 after rushing myself to throw out the old dish drainer and other things in the ten minutes before I left! I did […]

Necroscope86 FINAL FANTASY V, pinkeye, replacement jar opener, soup

March 28, 2015

Necroscope86 playthrough of FINAL FANTASY V Advance, in 53 parts – the British guy! Thank goodness that I don’t have an aversion NOW to English accents, which was caused by a racist Stuart in the first place a few years ago! I don’t really mind that the comments have been disabled (13 June 2014), but […]

Chrome crashing, 2-1 win over the Ducks, Pye, Damariya, Sabrionna, Charley Willard Horse Dick

March 9, 2015

Google Chrome crashed at 6:45! The Canucks played the Ducks tonight at 7, and the eventual 2-1 win was nerve-wracking! Is Pye the father? I thought that was a last name… or at least, that’s what ANNE OF GREEN GABLES taught me. Baby Damariya! Sabrionna?! Charley Willard Horse Dick?! Wouldn’t you want to avoid that […]