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Pretend anger, shaving, commitment, surge protection, remote controls, knowledge

November 30, 2013

Mike came over after 7, which was fine by me… he thought that Ministry’s SHOVE was Marilyn Manson, hahaha! I told him a little about what happened earlier; I suppose his reaction is to jokingly tell me not to yell at HIM about it, but I wasn’t! Of course, I pretended I was mad at […]

Harmony’s second baby shower, 5-2 loss, micromanaging, home relief and affection

November 30, 2013

Last night, Michael and I also talked about my new pasta mix, and how pumpkin pie is REALLY made! He saw the thumbnail picture on Epixome, and wondered if it were a naked woman! Um, no? That was funny, though! Before I left, the hockey score was 5-1 for the Rangers… when I got home, […]

Bacardi Oakheart, TV and stand, washroom friends, Lita Ford, plugs, and cables

November 30, 2013

After making sure that I still wanted him to come over despite it being 1 AM, Michael showed up with ice cream, Bacardi Oakheart, and the chocolate pop from Superstore; in return, I gave him the spare keys. Thank goodness he can shave VERY soon! He made us some floats, which is fine, although I […]

Michael calling for stuff, Romaly coffins, arranging items NOT a question!

November 29, 2013

I was responsible today, and paid my phone bill. Tonight: too many phone calls! First, Michael called – of course, he got no answer, so he resorted to the usual route to ask whether I was awake. Yes, and I’d just noticed his call on the Caller ID, so I called him back! He was […]

Internet life bleeding into real life / Reassurance / Leftovers!

November 29, 2013

Tim sent me an email last night about how his family’s birthdays were out on the web in my yearly birthday card edition post; I’d forgotten about that, and removed them since it made him feel uncomfortable… at least he thanked me afterwards! If it bleeds into real life, that’s not such a good thing; […]

Mike, Vanessa, cars, trucks, Debra, 5-2 WIN, #300 goal!

November 28, 2013

Talked for a while to both Mike and Vanessa over FB messages about more car borrowing, Sunday arrangements with Chinese Eric, how I normally communicate with Chinese Eric, (double / king) beds, pickup trucks, Julia, Robert, neighbors, my mom’s crap, ridiculous obsession / attention to details which normal people might not notice, micro-managing things, and […]

Chinese Eric, Langara transit plans, Canucks slump, concern, chefs, dishes, and names

November 28, 2013

I called Chinese Eric earlier, and he answered the phone! Yes, I’d called him last night! He said that he and his parents had gone down to the States for a few days BEFORE the Black Friday insanity (good idea!), and that he had picked up a package for himself. He’d even checked his email […]

Redrum, narcissism about jackets, Chrystal, Didu dragon postcard, Julie S. package

November 27, 2013

Discovered the start of redrum yesterday evening, so that’s okay. Mom hung up on me while discussing that blue jacket and buttons: “Well, I washed it for you and had to take it down, so you can button the hat yourself!” FUCK THIS SHIT… SHE KNOWS I HAVE ISSUES WITH BUTTONS! This is why I […]

Stolichnaya vodka, crappy research, FOUNDATIONS OF THE PAST, sweet or savory, holiday pies

November 26, 2013

Vision, eyes moving, Stolichnaya vodka, crappy research, words, Shakespeare / pronunciation, puns, and other assorted conversation topics with Michael are interesting! I checked my mail today, and got a Massachusetts FOUNDATIONS OF THE PAST postcard, heart stickers, and fairy stickers from Nyani (browngirl) – that’s sweet! You Are Savory You are the type of person […]

Karen Kwan, beef hearts, Peru, quinoa, no fights, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT

November 25, 2013

Karen Kwan added me on Facebook yesterday, so that’s good! However, Sean-Sherry Norris unfriended me – oh well. Someone named Johnny Charlie wanted to add me on Facebook, too… I DON’T THINK SO! Just because I may have “LIKED” a Facebook wall post of yours on a page?! NO WAY! Mike got home a bit […]