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Prime Climb! / 500 or 750 puzzle pieces! / Johanna and Fred Dingleberry?!

July 12, 2020

I heard that MGB member Rich Priske died at 52. 😦 I called Ayler at 5:10, and got Jon answering the phone. Ayler and Hiero were doing another 500-piece puzzle with mountains / sky / mud / ocean / beach, and asked if I’d get them a double-sided puzzle for Christmas. I said I’d see […]

Paul and Alma Loser have a tombstone?! / A quiet storm on piano! / 1300 pages!

July 9, 2020

Wow, I think I’ve hit the maximum number of photos a Facebook page can say it has: 10,010 on YELLOW SUBMARINE! Google Docs also finally worked properly for me for once when trying to go through previous revisions, even though it took a while. Thank goodness the computer didn’t freeze then! 1300 pages… now down […]

Delivered prescriptions and a huge improvisation piece! / Hiscock tombstone?!

July 6, 2020

I called the pharmacy next door at 10:10 AM to see if I could get my prescription delivered this time instead of having to wait 20 minutes in a tiny taped-off square. Luckily, Virgie asked me a few questions and I could – Adam said it was highly recommended because of the coronavirus! Then I […]

Marilyn and Robert Hoes have a tombstone?! / Reading glasses / Walter / Stupid!

June 26, 2020

There was a good reason why this rotini / penne Barilla Ready Pasta was on sale the other day – it technically already expired between June 15 to June 17! Oh well, it should still be fine for the next week or so, but I did eat one for breakfast. After DOUBLE COFFEE TIME and […]

Harry and Mary Jane Boogers?! 420! COINCIDENCE! / Minuets! Mozart and Anna Bach!

June 11, 2020

Ayler called me at 7, and said I could cheer for the nurses and doctors if I wanted because he was going to do it. Hey, no problem! I put in a little more enthusiasm for him this time, and said that there had been a 7 PM cheer via car alarms WHOOP WHOOP yesterday […]

Sage and Cissy on THESE WOODS ARE HAUNTED?! / Cuya Discord 2014 date glitch!

June 5, 2020

I heard Hester outside for the first time in three months when I was taking out the garbage, so interrupted the conversation she was having with some white guy because I wanted to tell her about my annoying laundry hog neighbor AND to request a couple of mousetraps. Of course she told me to write […]

Ayler and Beckett’s birthdays at the park! / Batman tombstone?!

May 26, 2020

DOUBLE COFFEE TIME AND SHOWER TIME BEFORE LEAVING! I left for Mount Pleasant Park at 3:40 PM today (erring on the early side) with my utensils and mat, Harmony’s 200g Whittaker’s Dark Ghana chocolate bar / 100g Porta raspberry chocolate bar / all birthday cards for Harmony, Ayler, and Beckett in a big Ziploc bag, […]

Deliberately leaving things around to trip on?! / Blocking people for fun?! NO!

May 3, 2020

The kids called me at 6:45 to scream-sing a song about (as far as I can tell) licking bums or nicking bums, and asked me inappropriate questions about whether I’d like to see Jon peeing. No, thank you! Then Ayler asked if I would eat a whole pie (which Hiero said they were having for […]

BLIND SPOT is not an ableist term! How stupid! / Mamee Vegetarian Noodles!

April 29, 2020

Did laundry today. Had to take someone else’s load out of the dryer so I could start mine on time. Came back to a printed note: “Please don’t grab my stuff out of the dryer when I’m five minutes late!” Well, maybe you should be ON TIME since other people need to use the coin […]

LOL tombstone?! / Pizza, Kate being offensively dense, AUNTIE, stars on reading

April 28, 2020

After I had it out with Kate because of her offensive fruitcake denseness (she did NOT apologize properly for calling me a LEAF!), Ayler called me at 4:50 (with Jon sending me a Facebook message just before – which I didn’t read till later), to ask what I did today, so I said I had […]