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Salad Chung is really Charlotte?! / Roshada Grier?! / Jayquan?! / Zhakia?!

January 19, 2020

Fidela has a friend named Salad Chung?! QUIRKY COINCIDENCE since it’s Eat A Depressing Salad For Lunch today on January 19! Her real name is Charlotte, though. From Julie M. and CHEATERS: Roshada Grier?! Makes me want to put an N in there so it can be closer to an actual name. ROSHANDA looks and […]

Transfiguracion Fidelina Lopez Mendoza?! / Batman Roberto Camargo Salcedo?!

April 13, 2019

Robert Berridge added me to Facebook, but that is fine. Hopefully, he is a sane Canucks fan unlike John D., Brandi, and Siobhan! Chrissy also said she was banned by Facebook – YIKES! At least she is back now! Aaron L. and Chris W. also unfriended me from Facebook – okay, then! Now I can […]

Sunny Green, Mirjan Bouma, Stephenie Labovitz, Mike Sartoris, Slava Fidel

June 7, 2017

From Not Always Working: Sunny Green?! From Not Always Right: Mirjan Bouma?! From Not Always Right: Stephenie Labovitz?! Didn’t her parents know how to spell STEPHANIE?! From Not Always Right: Mike Sartoris?! So is he a sartorial person? From Not Always Right: Slava Fidel?!

Jeff Wood, Stormy, Pinky, and Pax

March 11, 2015

Jeff Wood added me to Facebook for some reason – I know he’s a Canucks fan, so that’s fine as far as that goes. Stormy?! Reminds me of the time last May 2 when Mike and I were looking up Dark and Stormy Rum before we bused to Cioppino’s from here… Pinky! (someone named Pinky […]

Gloucester Café, pork, Marcus and new glasses, spinach, Vanessa, wedding rides, Chinese Eric

September 16, 2014

I was at the Gloucester Café earlier than noon, having walked down the eight blocks (only “a couple of blocks”?! :P) from King Edward Station. It’s on Cambie and 17th, near Biercraft and Choices Supermarket. Thank goodness for those displays with maps and addresses of local businesses on them! I had pork with vermicelli noodles […]

Fidela’s grandma in a dream / Finishing MOTHER 3 / The Cherry Blossom Test

April 11, 2014

I had a weird dream about Fidela’s grandma, and how we had to help her with her stuff in a white-tiled house. We had to stay with her while everyone else was at a lecture, and she gave us some preserved vegetables in return. Interesting! Shane T. also added me on Facebook, but I know […]

Finally finishing BREATH OF FIRE 1! / Canucks fan with a knife stabbed in their eye

March 11, 2014

I FINALLY FINISHED BREATH OF FIRE 1 for the SNES! Next up is MOTHER 3, since I haven’t played it in nine months! Someone named PINKY called into Rock 101 – HAHAHAHA! I remember that Fidela used to have an Asian schoolmate with that name! Sharon emailed us about small group, but I may just […]

Starburst sharing, hangout time, needing downtime, transit woes and irritation

September 1, 2013

Sharing Starburst with a bunch of kids rules! Eric picked me up at 9:40, and we were off to church while he wanted me to update him on my week. Now that I think about it, that week contained a lot of hangout time! Oh well, that was still good, but this week of downtime […]

Addicted to gasoline / AUSTIN POWERS

March 11, 2012

After talking to James about stuff, I watched several episodes of HOARDERS: BURIED ALIVE and a MY STRANGE ADDICTION show about a girl who’s addicted to drinking gasoline, and a black girl who’s addicted to carrying her doll head around wherever she goes AND smelling it. A different episode: a guy has a committed relationship […]

Just a simple clothesline! / Aunt popularity

November 22, 2011

Figures that a lot of people (Kitty, Candy, Megan, Laura, Scott M., Ellen C., Ellen W., Dorna, Angela S., Chris H., Debbie, Katrina, Nathan, Fidela, Alice, Andrew L., Julie S., Susan, Jamie, Jeff, Farrah, Sarah G., Teunis, Kaitlin, and Priscilla W.) would “Facebook like” / comment on my status about becoming an aunt! Funny text […]