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AMERICAN IDOL-themed Monopoly?! / HOLY CRAP cereal / August 2013 BBT Tally

August 31, 2013

Got to the townhouse just before 8, and figured out the wireless connection easily; I also saw an AMERICAN IDOL-themed MONOPOLY game… WHY DO MY PARENTS HAVE THIS?! Found pickles, mushroom soup, honey almond nougats, Brookside Dark Chocolate Mango Mangosteen, LIFE Kleenex boxes (I know a use for those…), Farmhouse rice x7, Starburst candy, more […]

Nescafé coffee, Gummy Vitamins, LINCOLN, Mike, and BBQ notice

August 30, 2013

I successfully returned the bag of Mondo Café Roma Blend coffee to London Drugs before the weekly tradition, and bought an on-sale tall canister of Nescafé instant coffee for Michael’s Xmas present instead, plus on-sale index cards x2 (since Strongbow beer spilled on half of them on Saturday evening), on-sale Gummy Vitamins (those lids…), and […]

Picky about parent foods, Vanessa as Barry’s replacement, Uncle Stephen Loo

August 30, 2013

I don’t know why, but last night, I kinda offered to make Michael my pasta / salmon / mushrooms specialty. He’s picky about certain foods (parents?), so I had to ask about every ingredient. Says he’d try it; I can tell that it lacked enthusiasm, but maybe that’s just the text medium of FB messages. […]

Caroline, her boyfriend, photo dimensions, and alien babies (dream) / I have a boyfriend, Mom…

August 29, 2013

I had a weird dream last night where Caroline and her boyfriend (whom I have never met) had a baby, and then were trying to pick out picture dimensions in a plastic photo album. My own boyfriend showed up and said that the baby was turning into an alien, so we all traveled to an […]

SEINFELD, SAVED BY THE BELL, cheddar waste, nachos, competition

August 29, 2013

While Michael and I were talking about things through FB messages last night, I finally called Auntie Catherine after a few weeks of inactivity on that front. Mattias is indeed starting kindergarten in September (TIME FLIES!), but she says we can do something with Marcus closer to my birthday. I cut her slack when she […]

Ridiculously busy, cranberry body lotion, pineapple mandarin orange liquor, coffee

August 28, 2013

Emailed Jon, Steph, Lisa, and Harmony about stuff like the siblings lunch, the ultimate price, and Michael. Steph said she’s ridiculously busy with work and her upcoming China trip; she also says that Jon and Harmony are out of town the week of the 9th. (I also told an unwell Michael that I needed affection, […]

Future coffee, caramel and sea salt Lindt, pulled pork / avocado from Subway

August 27, 2013

Offered some future coffee to Mike, who says he’ll take it. I know my mother; she’ll include instant coffee in the bunch of stuff on the weekend when she goes away! Won’t do any good for ME to keep it since I have no coffee-making things. (he said something about hot water and no filters, […]

Healthy cooking, pessimism, ice cream trucks

August 26, 2013

Mike says he’ll teach me healthy cooking techniques; I can’t help but think it might end badly, even though it probably won’t. I guess I appreciate the sentiment (as he would say about anything I put which is even remotely romantic), but this is not a good time. As it is, I *will* check up […]

New flavors of Lays chips taste test, UTorrent, US addresses, and TLC

August 25, 2013

Chinese Eric called me at 5:40 (and was here ten minutes later) to see whether I was home so we could hang out later; OF COURSE! Good thing I had a few hours’ downtime between visitors so I could catch up on Internet stuff, just like I did last time on July 30th! We tried […]

Wigs, the Vassilievs, challenges, vulnerability, realizations, and floor sleeping

August 25, 2013

Good thing that Michael came here instead of my going over there since I could then wear my short shorts without freezing to death because of the cooler weather these days! He didn’t really comment on them, probably because Hester (who opened the door for him) was “grilling him” about who he was and what […]