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2004 Recap, various quizzes, strange thirstiness, cold showers as a shock

December 31, 2004

This is the last post for 2004.. the year was made easier by all my true friends! 😀 2004 RECAP JANUARY * Had my last communication with an ex-friend. * Saw Steph and Melissa off at the airport. * Got my last email from Arthur. (I miss that guy SO much!) * Saw LOTR:ROTK with […]

2003-2004 Guestbook Entries

December 31, 2004

Guestbook entries for 2003-2004: February 24, 2003 (Monday) Jeff: “Cool!! First entry for 2003!! I feel so honored… haha! Thanks for having prayer meeting at your place!” Tim and Maxine: “Hi Leslie. Thanks for always remembering those special occasions like birthdays. Hope that you continue to bring joy to those around you. God Bless, Tim […]

Cards Received, 2003-2004

December 31, 2004

Cards Received, 2003-2004 Special 2003 CSCC: “Thank you for your faithful commitment to AWANA.” (the card has Isaiah 63:7 and 1 Thessalonians 3:9 on it) Sophia and John: “Dear Leslie, Jonathan, and Stephanie: Thanks for coming and sharing our special day with us. We’d also like to say thanks for the Japanese bowls. They are […]

NYE sickness and ramblings / Resolution Blogthing

December 31, 2004

Yup, the last day of the year. This isn’t necessarily the last post I’ll make for the year, but 2004’s been an interesting year. Love, life, relationships, old and new friends… it has all been a neat learning experience, and good for the quirkiness factor! 😉 I took an almost five-hour nap earlier this evening, […]


December 30, 2004

I’m sick AGAIN. I blame my sister. 😛 Chills, cough / sneeze, general feeling of malaise, not wanting to eat… blah. I’m going to go to bed now…. I’ll drink green tea and eat spicy stuff / buy up a crapload of zinc later.

A good reminder about relationships from the Ferrett / Quizzes

December 30, 2004

RELATIONSHIP STUFF: This was a good reminder for me! I wish my MSN would work, too.. argh! Take the quiz: What is your future job?Fire FighterYou are helpful, and you are fun! You are also hungry — go get something to eat! Quizzes by myYearbook.com — the World’s Biggest Yearbook! All of the possible quiz […]

No movie for me! / Poopy Quiz

December 30, 2004

My sister and I slept almost all day, to our parents’ horror when they got home at 2:15 from the doctor’s and a dim sum lunch. They then decided to tell us that it was 3… I swear, I will never understand why parents do that! After they made us eat something, we were out […]

"Where can I find a nice Caucasian pipe-smoking guy around here?"

December 29, 2004

Had a reasonably okay time at Vernon’s old house.. I managed to demonstrate my lack of grace in front of a number of family friends by falling on the floor as I attempted to exit the living room. This marks the second time in eight days… once at Nathan’s, and once there. Eek, I want […]

Knocking at window, new microwave, oyster crackers

December 28, 2004

About an hour ago, I heard knocking at the window… I wondered what the heck was going on out there, so I pulled the curtains back to reveal my brother. Jon said that the family had been trying to call me all afternoon, but my kung-fu was strong. (read: my phone connection withstood any and […]

Grammatical Case, Simon and Garfunkel Album, 2004 Hit Song, various horoscopes

December 28, 2004

You’re the Accusative Case! You’re the directobject of the sentence! You’re the popular one!Once we see you, we know exactly where thesituation is going because we need you in orderto complete the sentence! Which Grammatical Case are you? brought to you by Quizilla HAHAHA! Steve L. directed me to this one… 😀 I’m Bookends! Which […]