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BJ Queen Enterprises / Vanessa Tobaccojuice / Kim Kashkashian / B. Ruth Boring

August 22, 2017

From Tyler A. and the Chive: BJ Queen Enterprises?! From Tyler A. and the Chive: Vanessa Tobaccojuice?! From Tyler A. and the Chive: Kim Kashkashian?! Definitely way too close to Kim Kardashian! From Tyler A. and the Chive: B. Ruth Boring?! Advertisements

What GLOW Lady Are You? / Crown Royal making you cry! / It’s a thesaurus!

August 11, 2017

“You Are Cherry” You are a tough cookie, and you don’t let anyone cross you. You are very determined and talented. Sometimes it takes a while for your hard work to pay off, and that can be frustrating. Eventually, you get the success you deserve. You are an obvious leader. People tend to immediately put […]

Castrating a bull, Past Niiue, Future Niiue, Flying Men, Flying Men gravestones

January 27, 2017

I called Steph at 6:20 so we could figure out a date and time for me to visit them. While we were talking about Feb. 5 at noon (which works according to Translink), SLB, and surprising Mike / Sandy / Ruth in Hamilton, Fraser was babbling and saying “ma-ma.” I knew I might regret it […]

Long comic about death from Lucas / Ryan Blacklaws! / Aracelyse, Camdyn, Zani

May 29, 2016

I made tentative plans over Facebook Messenger to meet with Ryan B. next week while he’s here in Vancouver for his son’s graduation. Lucas sent me this long comic about death! From Julie: Aracelyse Felix?! I’d have gone for Arabella or Araceli… From Julie: Camdyn Smith?! Reminds me of Camden, New Jersey! From Julie: Zani […]

Finally seeing baby Fraser! / Naming your children / Being alive = no prison!

May 5, 2016

From Reddit: What will you absolutely not name your child? I left for Jon’s at 11 with my San Francisco Chinatown dragon shirt and the Terracotta Warriors from Teunis for photo purposes if possible, just missing the 401. As soon as I got in the door, Ayler wanted to show me his shoes, and Hiero […]

Collard-Green, Little-Wiener, Tator-Fry, and other bad hyphenated names!

January 15, 2016

Collard-Green! Little-Wiener! Bonus to make this one even better: They were even UNITED in UNION, Kentucky! Tator-Fry! Gilbert-Godfrey! Prom-Hooker! Aasen-Beer! Peters-Harder! Hittner-Ashwell! (Hitting her ass well) Heine-Beiting! Goetz-Moore! Fite-Staab! Sellers-Smelser! (Sell her, smells her!) Phillips-Achen-Ball! Roller-Moore! Mann-Boob! True-Belew! (true blue) Wild-Hyman!

Chelsea / Bali / Hiero and Heineken stars / Fraser’s two-month dinner!

October 10, 2015

After a round of way too many phone calls this afternoon to Steph, Mom, and Dad, I finally got transportation plans at 3 for Fraser’s two-month dinner tonight: meet Dad at King Edward Station at 5:15 because Mom had to make it complicated and accept a ride offer from Auntie Eva this morning. Mom thought […]

No narcissistic Melanie! / Fussy baby Fraser, impatient Mike, Ruth here soon

September 18, 2015

I discovered that my junior high schoolmate Melanie had unfriended me from Facebook, but that’s okay – she seemed narcissistic! Steph called me at 8 to wish me a happy belated birthday, so we spent some time catching up. We discussed a fussy baby Fraser, breastfeeding, the Shaw outage, Brittney’s mom dying of lymphoma (Myles […]

Longest monosyllabic English words, baby Fraser, selling caskets online

September 8, 2015

Wikipedia: List of the longest English words with one syllable I just managed to get the 401 bus at 2:55 so I could catch the 301 at Brighouse, but the 430 Metrotown bus came earlier. Thank goodness there were no bus delays! Steph, Lisa, and I talked about Ruth and Brad coming into town separately, […]

The 301 bus / Steph and Lisa’s new place / Blue and white dragon bowl!

July 31, 2015

I thought I left in plenty of time to catch the 301 Newton Express bus at Brighouse, but I saw two 430 Metrotown buses go by at that bus bay. By the time I finally got to the Tim Horton’s parking lot, it was past 5:25! Steph said the last 301 bus had gone by […]