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Rayshard Brooks?! / Invalid date?! / Dove pomegranate / Irish Spring Cool Scrub

September 4, 2020

Chinese Eric texted me before the game to say that his injury wasn’t as serious as a broken leg, but he just strained his muscles pretty badly and needs to rest. Very understandable! The Canucks FINALLY played the Vegas Golden Knights in Second Round Playoff Game #7 at 6, and LOST 3-0 thanks to TWO […]

Cregg?! / Turkey with Italian Sausage Stuffing, Thai Kitchen, Tiger Tiger Pho

September 1, 2020

Me: “Hi, Spencer, I hope you get…” My phone: “… aroused.” Me: “NOOOOOO!” (this was going to Shaw!) I went out at 2:25 on a 401 for shopping purposes, and tested Shaw Open at the London Drugs bus stop… IT WORKED! Also got a series of text messages from Chinese Eric: Tonight wasn’t good for […]

Birthday Game Name Generator! I’m stuck on an island with Harry Potter?!

August 20, 2020

Champs Sports at Richmond Centre finally answered their phone (unlike yesterday at 1:05) at 2:30, so I was able to ask my question about shorts sales. I’m tired of the bullshit shallow “pockets” on these dark blue Tradition shorts that I got from Sears in the past. I managed to almost lose my bus pass […]

Lobsters NOT being a life event / Vedan spicy mushroom and cuttlefish noodles!

August 4, 2020

New record: NINE text messages from Mom trying to set up a Friday get-together at Kwong Chow’s new patio after Jon’s crew gets back from vacation. *rolleyes* Bonus: A new phone typo of “HTADIN” for “Blaardine.” UGH! GET TO THE COMPUTER INSTEAD! Thank GOD there’s likely a play-in hockey game sometime that evening. I don’t […]

Westward Ho! is in England?! / T’Ann Grindle?! / Reddit Take My Energy award!

July 24, 2020

After COFFEE TIME / DEODORANT TIME / ASPIRIN TIME, I left at 1:55 on a 401 for my dentist appointment at 3 with Sean on FRASER, setting a new record for the farthest I’ve been during the coronavirus pandemic! I just missed the Canada Line, but that was okay since I still managed to get […]

Penis pan holders! / Scoville Heat Units for Samyang noodles! / Glen, not Glyn!

May 14, 2020

I had to bite the bullet and text Dad for Mom’s birthday today, then charged my phone. Apparently, they were meeting Jon’s crew at the park today – NO, THANKS! At least I haven’t had to do anything for Mother’s Day or Mom’s birthday TWO YEARS IN A ROW NOW! From Aaron and Nope: Penis […]

What’s Your Cupid Name? / Reddit NHL Valentine‚Äôs Day cards, 2020 edition!

February 14, 2020

From WFLA News Channel 8: What’s Your Cupid Name? Happy Love Wings?! Finally found the 2020 NHL Valentine’s Day cards by searching “NHL Reddit Valentines” – the guy’s username is Oeuvre! From Reddit: Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 to Anaheim Ducks fans! (Ryan Getzlaf) From Reddit: Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 to Arizona Coyotes fans! (Phil Kessel) […]

Cristafer Gunter, Darian Randles, Karryn Savage, Nicolas Cage the Science Mage

February 13, 2020

I found the phone number to file my taxes for free via phone again: 1-800-959-1110. Thank goodness I saved the letter from the Canadian Revenue Agency! I can access it on February 24. Dinner: NEW Western Family Foglie D’Autunno pasta / NEW Farfalle Tricolor pasta / NEW Connchiglioni pasta / NEW Orecchiette pasta / NEW […]

Brad Marchand getting two minutes for existing, NHL icon enlarged, 359 thumbs up

October 11, 2019

From Reddit and r/hockey: Brad Marchand gets a two-minute penalty for existing! Yes, definitely Photoshopped! NHL icon, enlarged! In my fandom, slashing is a two-minute penalty. New record for most thumbs-up on my Youtube comments: 359 on a Female Killers video on the Marie Robards case, uploaded on November 18, 2015! “Steve won’t make it […]


March 24, 2019

The Canucks played Columbus at 7 tonight, and lost 5-0 for a dubious record of ten shutouts this season so far, which is the most in the NHL. From The Blog of Funny Names: Greg McKegg?! Bonus: He wore 69 for the Toronto Maple Leafs! From Quotes, Fun, and Sarcasm: Mehboob Hassan?! From my Endlessly […]