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Whoopee cushion filled with gravy, Waldrop sextuplets and twins, feeling used

January 15, 2018

From Gotta Lil Captain In Ya? and Pete: A Whoopee cushion filled with gravy adds a hilarious new dimension to a rather tiresome practical joke. From Reddit and r/namenerds on December 14, 2017: The Waldrop sextuplets and twins from Alabama, plus an older brother! Saylor Briggs, Bridge Ryder, and Wales Tucker are the older siblings. […]

PRISONER OF WAR Congraturation! / Dr. Kenny McCormick?! / Dog attacking a human!

October 17, 2017

MORE COFFEE TIME! The Canucks played the Senators at 4:30 today, and won 3-0 on goals by Boeser / Burmistrov / Vanek! From PRISONER OF WAR on the NES: Congraturation! From Sextuplets: The Little Lambs: This neonatologist consultant doctor is named Kenny McCormick?! SOUTH PARK, AHOY! From Julie: Dog attacking a human in a family […]

Queen giving birth to deformed sextuplets (dream) / Poutine chips / Too damn high!

December 19, 2013

I dreamed of a queen giving birth to deformed sextuplets; I was also at some Committee meeting where white Eric and I were distracted by loading a car full of things in plastic bags. What the heck, subconscious?! Vivian Wu added me to Facebook, so YAY for that! Hopefully, she won’t be like her sister […]

SEXTUPLETS TAKE NEW YORK! / Mistakes, thoughts, and unreliability

September 3, 2013

This morning, I found a TLC show which I’d like: SEXTUPLETS TAKE NEW YORK! Wikipedia’s List of Multiple Births: “The Carpio sextuplets (born October 6, 2008 in the New York City borough of Queens) are the first Hispanic sextuplets to be born in America. It is not known if their parents, Victor and Digna Carpio, […]


March 29, 2012

Eric had to buzz me on MSN last night; he tried convincing me to be a curling spectator, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I do have my beloved weekly tradition – as a quirkyalone (which I also told him about), I need that part of my routine. I guess I knew I […]

Sextuplets Info, as of March 2012

March 26, 2012

Thank goodness for the Internet Wayback Machine! All info taken from Facts About Multiples. Total Sets I have recorded 181 sets of sextuplets in the world as of May 2011. First Sets Born 1500s – Italy 1600s – Italy 1831 – Unidentified (USA, December 30 1831) They were reportedly 6 girls, none survived, and the […]

Quintuplets List, as of 2/29/12

March 1, 2012

Thank goodness for the Internet Wayback Machine! All info taken from Facts About Multiples. Abbas (India, October 4 2006) 3 boys, 2 girls Abel (Germany, May 30 1984) 4 boys, 1 girl, Tim, Moritz, Peter, Dirk, Lisa Abikhalil/Haddad (born in Quebec, Canada, live in Lebanon, April 27 1992) 3 boys, 2 girls, Rami, Joe, Jad, […]

Sextuplets List, as of June 2011

June 1, 2011

Thank goodness for the Internet Wayback Machine! All info taken from Facts About Multiples. Abbas Basha (Egypt, June 1980) 6 girls, unsure how many survive Abdel-Fattah (Egypt, October 31 1997) 6 girls, 4 survive Abdel-Meguid/Abdel Hakim (Egypt, October 27 2003) 3 boys, 3 girls, 5 survive, Mahmoud, Al-Sayed, Hani, Hanem (g), Hebat Allah (g), girl […]

Screw machines, sex linkage, spermophiles, and succotash!

September 11, 2010

I’ll bring you the “S” words from this book that Jon and Harmony got me for my birthday. This is from Butt Rot and Bottom Gas: A Glossary of Tragically Misunderstood Words (Eric Groves, Sr.) S sackbut: [From the Middle French words sacquer and bouter, meaning “to push” and “to pull”] a Renaissance sliding horn […]

Poo and pink envelopes in dreams!

May 15, 2009

What the heck. I dreamed of pooing in a public washroom with all the rest of my friends, after we tried to get a pink envelope for a card which was to go to my mother! Stupid subconscious! Kate Gosselin’s brother says that the marriage is over. I’m not surprised. Sadly, our efforts to not […]