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Thai Kitchen Spring Onion noodles breakfast, masked Santa, Dr. Bronner’s, Xmas

December 1, 2020

Mary Scott tried adding me on Facebook – DENIED! Mom thinks Wilson’s mom Auntie Kwai tried calling me last night, which I very much doubt since CALLER ID SAID THAT WAS A LIE, so I didn’t bother the old lady at 9:50 PM when I got around to checking my text messages and missed calls. […]

Areva Martin and Abreva medicine, Deidrie MacAngus, Bethanie Lynne Dougherty?!

November 30, 2020

From Julie M. and DR. PHIL: Areva Martin?! It reminds her of a medicine called Abreva. On September 1, I actually saw some Abreva medicine at London Drugs! From DIAGNOSIS UNKNOWN: Deidrie MacAngus?! BAD SPELLING OF DEIDRE! From Youtube: Bethanie Lynne Dougherty?! BAD SPELLING OF BETHANY!

Le Tampon is a place in France?! / KORY Earnhardt is a GIRL WHO LIKES FOOTBALL?!

November 29, 2020

Since I couldn’t sleep ANYWAY thanks to the upstairs neighbor, I watched Volklin stream GENSHIN IMPACT on Discord again at 5 AM after having a rather weird dream about yelling at and deleting Atheist because of Rose, and generally running around and being a harridan. Then it turned out in reality that he wasn’t really […]


November 28, 2020

I went to Shoppers at 2:20 on a 401 to get NEW white and brown Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes x2, Hungry-Man Salisbury Beef Steakettes, NEW President’s Choice shepherd’s pie, NEW T and T premium dark soy sauce, NEW Life echinacea that expires in July 2022, Speed Stick Irish Spring deodorants x3 since mine fell […]

Humpy Koneru is a chess player?! / Japanese dragon eel aquarium! / Gwynne?!

November 27, 2020

Thanks to bugging him during Cuya’s stream (where Rose typed “we’re” as “were,” and “I’ll” as “I’ll” *rolleyes* APOSTROPHES AND SMARTNESS!), I finally managed to reconnect with the terminally-idle AM or ATHEIST! Then I might have heard his interesting deep voice on the channel call – yeah, I felt kind of like a creeper, so […]

D’uomo underwear, Coca-Cola, Godzilla, peppermint Stormtroopers, Scotch tape

November 26, 2020

I woke up at 4 AM today because of my stupid prostitute upstairs neighbor walking AND making sexual noises! At least I caught most of Cuya’s stream, replying to “morning, Flame” from AM – ATHEIST! – after I’d finished making Carbo terrorist noodles at 7 AM. NOISE COMPLAINT NOTE 3 TIME! This resulted in SHOWER […]

Snoop on the Stoop! / Chef Boyardee mini pasta shells and meatballs tomato sauce

November 24, 2020

I woke up at midnight in time to post the daily holidays, and I hope AM – ATHEIST! – appreciates my effort after showering and doing laundry. Mike and I still have our thing which still makes me cackle, hahaha. Edit at 8: AM enjoys the pictures very much, which is good! I heard from […]

Imani Cortez, Reyna Carr, and Meshell Ndegeocello?! / Witch wishes for booze!

November 23, 2020

Talked briefly to AM – ATHEIST! – early this morning, but then saw a selfie of his roommate. Yeah, I can’t compete with someone who looks fucking amazing for 7 AM, like Maxine looking amazing for just having given birth to a baby. Rose mentioned in the Discord server that she had to find her […]

Selma Musić?! COOL LAST NAME! / Shalayne Hindbull Tull?! / Trayford Pellerin?!

November 22, 2020

Since I noticed it was only 11:50 PM yesterday when I was about to turn off my phone and sleep, I decided to stay up for ten or so more minutes so I could post the daily holidays at midnight-ish for once. Gotta love avoiding and circumventing things! Then I ended up scrolling on my […]

Old Christmas 2015 and Valentine’s Day 2016 greeting cards!

November 22, 2020

From Julie for Christmas 2015: Santa with a machine gun in the woods! From Julie for Christmas 2015: An upside-down snowman on a Christmas sweater?! THAT CARROT IS SO WRONG! From Julie for Christmas 2015: Why would the saxophone kid not put pants on before sitting on Santa’s lap?! Most awkward Santa picture I’ve seen! […]